Stop Battle Versus bot

If the problem with real multiplayer was the fact that there were hackers, couldn’t it be recovered by solving the problem? It could be arranged that all those who have 50 dragons at level 175 and at least 3 dragons at level 16 are sent directly to 150.000 trophies in brawl so that they will clash with each other or against people who have bought runes and who therefore have the skills. to compete against them. In case someone who bought runes had based all his buying in the village rather than on the brawl and finds himself with dragons at 16 against dragons at the maximum level, he can ask the assistance to be brought back to the level of trophies before the gift. Dragons at 16 are normal but based on trophies. Finding one with 1000 trophies and dragons at 16 I don’t think is normal and so it could be someone who bought runes or a hacker. In this way you will be able to compete in multiplayer with real players without finding people higher than you other than those who bought runes.