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Stop being cheap with the DNA


Nothing is more frustrating with this game than when you work to get enough DNA to fuse for unique or some hybrid and you only get 10 DNA towards the Dino. I just had enough DNA to fuse for my indoraptor 3 times and it only gave me 10 each time. Also since the last update there is so many more glitches. Please fix.


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Sucks even more when it’s on magna :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Last week I did 10 fuses to see average
Rare: Average of 38
Epic: Average of 32
Legendary: Average of 26
Unique: 14

Yeahhhhh I believe this is still “random”. Granted this is a small sampling but wasn’t a surprise to me


I haven’t tracked it, but that sounds like it’s fairly accurate. I might have to start recording mine.

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I’ve noticed the same. Fuse a rare or epic as an ingredient for a legendary or unique, get great rolls, lots of 30-40-50 and hardly any strings of 10s. Move to the rarer dino and its 10 10 10 20 10 30, etc. I had to go back and forth 3 times (building up epic dna to fuse with) and saw this trend explicitly.

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It is the single worst thing in the game to get a 10 fuse on Magna. I don’t think anything can beat that. Maybe a 10 fuse on Tryko comes close.


Since 1.5 it’s a lot harder to get dns then you 90% gets 10 fusions…and I noticed that golden tower inku gives only things like alanqa and stigy allmost full 300+ dns…the last ~10 golden tower inkus


10 fuse on a Tryko is just painful. 200 Rex DNA plus whatever it took to get Ankyntro to 50…and it’s happened to me the last two times I’ve been able to fuse Tryko. :sob:

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I don’t have Tryko yet but I can totally understand the feeling. My journey on Magna was riddled with 10s like no other. It took me 18 or 19 fuses to unlock. Most fuses were 10, only one 30 and rest were 20s I think. It was so awful and painful.


That was me and rinex. I was trying to do it during the holiday events. All 10s and maybe one 20 :sob:

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Weird, mine are all 50.

Probably a glitch…


Just did some Tryko. 20, 10, 10, 10. Now to wait another few months to find one Kentro


Thor has been absolutely terrible to fuse for me. Litterally all tens with one 20 from level 22 - 24.

I get decent numbers on allisino, but when I switch back to Thor, its a ten fest.

I have every dino unlocked and my team is average level 26. Have never had good luck on fuses, but for real, I have never experienced such a frustrating waste of time like this before. Not just in JWA either, Im talki g pretty much every video game I have ever played.


Bruh the last 5 fuses I did for diloracheirus was all 10s and I see ouranosaurus maybe once a month


Stop being cheap with the DNA

I’m talking to you, sinoceratops.

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Same RNG, just different aspect. Both good and bad fuses will come around. I can usually handle 10’s… but it’s definitely disheartening when a single fuse like that eats up 2000dna for almost nothing.