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Stop buying boosts

Title says it all. By giving in and purchasing boosts at the same price as 1.0; you’re signaling that it’s ok to reduce the value of agreed upon purchases by 500% What you could get in 1.0 for 50 HC is now only worth 10. Don’t do it.


Yeah, but I fear that the price to compete isn’t a problem with the top competitors. Some people will buy anything to gain the slightest edge.


Totally fine, if they want to gouge the top 1%, that’s fine. But if the other 99% stop paying, they’ll notice.


Yeah, was waiting to see what they would charge. Seems silly to pay this for boosts - 2000 HC for 1 tier??? Will keep the HC thank you.


I can’t even afford boosts any more lol. Way to go Ludia.


This price is just for rich people.

The average player can’t afford this cost.

Then the top arenas could become a place for players who want to burn their money.

Some of us have a mind and not a wallet.


Some of us have both! :wink:



To level 1 dino with 30 stages of boost will be:

2000 HC for 1 tier.

2000 HC x 30 tiers = 60.000 HC for 1 dino


100 dollar = 15.000 HC

  • 400 dollar = 60.000 HC


Is this for real?!?

Wake me up after 1 1/2 year playing this game!


Grinding incubators, price is the same as it was, with devaluation.

Current store prices are actually only 50% increase over old price… and you thought they were worth it then.

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As far as i know, most of my alliance is boycotting this sale. Its a slap in the face to the players.


You keep saying this - stop. It’s not the same at all. 50% is a lot of money to people. Listen, to buy 3 boosts before was 15 bucks a day. 500 HC for each. On sale twice a week, that’s 30 bucks a month. Now to buy only one of each - 60 bucks. That’s $120 bucks a week if it’s only on sale 2 times a week. That is a lot of money - that people can’t afford. People cannot afford it that is the whole point.

No one can tell me that spending 30 bucks a week is almost the same as spending $120 bucks a week. Also, we all intend to grind incubators, but some of us have lives and jobs and cannot open the game every hour or less to battle that often to keep the slots full, etc.

There is no arguing that this price is reasonable so just stop.


I won’t be buying any boosts. Even more so since @Ned @Ludia_Developers @Jorge have refused to comment on this. Edit @J.C


what did I do?


Some of our alliance members are also in for the boycott. Maybe we can create a thread listing names of alliances that plan to boycott these new boost prices to get Ludia’s attention?


Nothing. But all threads have been ignored by ludia and the reps. I’m just trying to get the attention of some. Not calling anyone out.


I have to be honest I can’t see myself spending any more money on this game,I only occasionally paid but if I total it all up its more than it should be. It’s just getting so expensive. I do like the boost change, but not the cost.

I was considering cancelling VIP, with the disappearance of the greem stops but that’s been fixed fairly quickly. The only benefit of the VIP is the extra coins.


Don’t think it’s a problem to buy boosts with the cash you have. I just wouldn’t spend real money for that, cause these weakass boosts are still better than spending on incubators I think… So I would rather say, stop buying cash to buy boosts x)


Yeah, I think that’s the boat most people are in. Unless you’re lucky enough to win cash in a tournament, it’s not happening. And even if you do, you actually get more for the HC in terms of boosts by speeding up incubators. Slower effect, but more worth your buck.

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Incs give more boosts for the price, and extra DNA and coins. Just takes longer but is also more satisfying.


Someone on Reddit laid it out pretty well:

I’m gonna do the math. It’s $100 for 15000 hardcash. That means a boost level is $13.33 in USD. So if you paid for all of your boosts with purchased cash, it would cost $400 per dino to get 30 boosts, or $3200 for a team of 8. Of course, no one in their right mind is going to do that, but still. This is predatory and insane.

Imagine spending $400 of your hard earned money on one dino ONE DINO to get all the tiers, almost $4,000 just to do a team of 8 not counting dinos in the future when you switch dinos back.

Predatory and insane is a solid description.