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Stop changing the event supply drops mid-event

I have seen multiple event drops changing due to strike events and of course it’s the worst strike.

What should ludia do about this

  • Let them change event drops to strike events
  • Don’t change event drops to strike events
  • Go back to park (Why)
  • None of the above

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I miss-voted.

I took the first option as change nothing, as in keep doing what they are doing. But I realised that’s not what it means, and you gave no option for people to vote for ‘no change’ to current way of doing things, which means it is a biased poll.

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Ok I changed it do any of these you wanted

Ludia is finally resetting the map every day and people complain about it? It reduces the chance to be stuck with 0 event supply drop for several days in a row!


Yes they refresh but this is with strikes and when they come they replace event drops and they shouldn’t do that.

No, the POIs do not move. Ludia is just redistributing the supply drops and event supply drops across the existing POIs at reset. As long as the distribution is fairly well done (2/3 SDs, 1/3 ESDs), it should not impact players on average.