Stop changing the maps!


You can move the supply drops all you want, but you cant change what part of a MAP looks like. The blue part should still be green, and you’ve ruined my place where I go get my event dinos! I know I’m not the only one youve done this to either. Stop “making it more convenient” by making it incredibly more inconvenient.


This might actually just be a GPS glitch. Mine did that too recently for about half an hour, the local school park and a large part of the actual road was gone in a big rectangle, but was back shortly after.


That’s what I thought. But I turned my phone off, did an the things to clear the cache, but it wouldn’t fix. I went every where around it and it was fine everywhere but there. Theres a park just up the street from this one that I went to instead and it only has these blue square areas over places people cant go. So idk. It was frustrating to say the least. I like this park.


Yeah, that’s almost definitely a GPS thing; it’s not something you can fix on your device, that’ll be something Google (or whoever they hook up to) will reset. My brother’s phone was also registering a null zone in that area at the same time, and his phone is completely different from mine. It should clear up soon, but if it doesn’t, I’d be concerned.


Well cool. I hope it clears to in that case. Thanks!