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Stop cheating plase ok?

Users get interested in monsters because they misunderstand them. You know this but you don’t fix it and you don’t talk properly. Please stop cheating. No matter how much money matters.

I’m confused as to where’s the cheat.

Guess it’s because he felt cheated.

The gain spirit ability and increase spirit speed ability is completely different. And lose defense would make us think that it would be calculated in a different way but it’s not. These two description seems much better than the real abilities of the dragon. They should change the description in game to make sure they really match with the ability.


These abilities are not written wrongly though :thinking:

No these ability are written wrongly ingame. For the two dragons, the first picture is how their abilities really is and the second is how they’re described in the game, which is definitely written wrongly. I can’t say for sure for the deathgripper because I don’t know how damage is calculated but the ability of the hoarsebrumble is definitely not what’s written in game.

But it’s the same stuff. No idea where you see any differences with these.

For Dawnbrawler the 2 descriptions are completely different:

  1. All other allies generate 28% Spirit is like toothless his ability every time you fire off tiles the dragons that have the same color as that tile will receive more spirit.
  2. The spirit gain on the other hand would mean that all other dragons gain a flat percentage of spirit instantly (like warcry does)
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Ah, now I see the little typo that makes a difference. I don’t have the dragon so I can’t exactly know if it’s just a typo or working as it should with the description being wrong like Dread T.