Stop complaining about battles

Every time someone loses they come here and complain that the dinosaurs need nerfing because they are overpowered or the opponents use a hack!

The plain truth of it is this game battle is 70 % luck and 30 % skill!

That is a cold hard fact of the game!

When I lose it’s because my opponent got to use better dinosaurs than me! Plain and simple!

I am a great strategist but just like American Football if my opponent goes for the bomb and I did a short defense there is a great chance my opponent will score on me! That is also where luck comes in!

My win lose is probably 60/40 win/lose!

I used to get angry at the game but why!

The battle system works fine! The only thing that really needs nerfing is the bots!


This is so wrong. I’ve lost battles in which my dinosaurs were better and higher level because the opponent has played very smart or I’ve been a victim of bad RNG. I’ve won many, many battles in which I was underleveled because I know how to play my cards right and I’m good with tactics.

There is a luck element to this game, that is undeniable. Almost all stuns are RNG dependant - 10%, 33%, 75%. All crits are RNG dependant. Which 4 dinosaurs you’ll get from your 8 dinosaur team is RNG. But tactics are key, way more important than luck except for very few occasions.

That said, yes, there are a lot of people who complain because they just want to win no matter what. But there are a lot of people, more so I believe, that come here not to complain, but to help fix a game they love. When I say “nerf the raptors” it’s not because I don’t want to lose against a raptor. Come on, my highest level dinosaur is a raptor, if anything raptors being OP favours me. But I want the game to be balanced so that it can get more enjoyable. The truth is all games that have combat require balancing now and then, it’s just the way it works, and the players are the ones that have experience in the matter because we suffer overpowered and underpowered dinosaurs so we come here to give our feedback and help devs balance the game properly.

Now, final note to the devs: BUFF TYRANNOSAURUS REX (she needs more health!)


I have won many battles also. But I have also lost many. Some on purpose others because the other person was just better. A lot of the losing comes from me learning what dino’s can and can’t do. And if people would take the time to read their dino stats and abilities they may perform better. Another tip for the cry babies, practice with your dino’s but be willing to lose and learn.


Absolutely. I just lost and the player got me with his raptors… and I simply said “well played, I’ll get you next time”. People need to work out what their dino’s actually do and the best way to use them for attack/defend. Yeah sometimes I think “bugger that is not the perfect 4” when I see the team generated, but you just do the best you can knowing you dino’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s not like you can’t battle again or your dino’s “die”, they have a nap and off you go again, you learn and go again.

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Not sure why my previous reply is not showing but I just wanted to add that although I don’t care battling dino’s and working out the best way to get win, it is frustrating though being put against far higher teams. I have no one above 16 (and only 2 this high) and I’ve just lost so many battles in a row against lvl 19/20’s that I’ve lost over 200 trophies to be dropped out of the Sorna Marshes… That sucks

Lol, I think the Rex is good enough; mine has only one thing on his mind and that’s kill [everything on the field].

Really? Is yours overleveled or something? Mine is level 15 (a bit underleveled for the teams I face but not too much) and she usually can’t take two hits, she will die at the second hit which means she will only have the chance to bite the opponent once. Which does damage but is not enough to take down most opponents. I just think she needs more health so that she is able to bite twice most of the time.

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No, Lv14. Granted I’m staying in Arena 4 for now, but mine…I dunno what it is with him. Almost any time I send him out, it’s a crit, so everything tends to go down pretty quick. He is frail, I’ll give it that because no armor, but he can take some hits well…until the dreaded stun happens. Then my whole team is sitting ducks.

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I would be happy with higher speed.

Yeah I think rexy is fine too. You just gotta know when to use her. And not just throw her into battles randomly. Winning in this game is almost completely strategy. From team selection to knowing when is the right time to swap and predicting swaps. It’s funny that this game is alot more like Pokemon than Pokemon go is.

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My rex at lvl 13 does not get a 2nd attack off in Sorna Marshes.
I used to get upset when I lost then I just remember this guy


I agree with almost everything. And it is interesting to see that more or less are always the same people here to try to improve the conversation, isn’t it? :hugs:

Battles are a mix of strategy, luck and knowledge. This is why they are fun to do. Can’t wait to see the friendly battle in which all the dinos will be at the same level, so people could realize better how important strategy is.


Thanx Sara I forgot to add knowledge to my post and I think my 70 luck was too high actually it probably is a mix of luck skill and knowledge like you said!

I have actually advised some of the I lose all the time folks about learning the dinosaurs skills and studying all of them!

The skill sets never change at least for now (till 1.3 is released)

The only thing that changes is the health and attack with higher levels!

Don’t just keep fighting over and over. Take some time out from hunting and battle and look at your dinosaurs because even though you are not using them in your team it’s a good chance you will face them in battle

I dread when someone pulls out a dinosaur that I have not collected :joy::joy: I say to myself ok what the heck does this sucker do! :joy::joy:


I’ve lost more than I’ve won, but that is no where near the problem. I love close fights where one bad decision may be the winning factor. That’s what I enjoy. My team is a mix match of counters, heavy hitters, and course 2 raptor stompers.
What I don’t like are cheap tactics with raptir pounce and swap spammers. I enter a fight all the time with stego and amarga now because of this. I audibly sigh every time a fight starts and I’m facing a raptor. That has nothing to do with losing, because I’ve started rolling raptor teams so long my dino selection isnt screwing me over by not giving me stego or amarga.
But there are times I won so easily that I feel sorry for the opponent. They come in with extreamly underleveled dinos, 1 good one that gets chewed up instantly, and I wind up not using any big attacks to try and make it fairer.
So no, I will complain about battles. I have a right to my opinion and if it helps developers balance the game fairly so new fighters aren’t facing a team of dinos way out of their league, or to help figure out a new balance for a dino, then deal with it.

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In case you didn’t know, you can tap on the opponent dino and you will get a pop-up with their moveset.

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I never knew that. Now I need to fight all the dinos I dont have (which is a lot) to see what they do.
Sinocera, tell me your secrets!!!

You can also check this place out. It has descriptions of all dinosaurs and abilities in game, as well as stats for each level. Good luck!


I get angry when I get dropped in the middle of the fight because the game shuts down on me. This has happened a!ot.

That’s why I like to play chess. Knowledge, logic and the strategy… I hoped that JWA was headed to that but instead more or less the luck … and the coins :wink:
I am on the “edge” with this game because when my parents discover that is “gambling” I will be cut off.

I‘m not complaining over battles I‘ve lost. Thats natural and normal, completely fine to me.
I‘m complaining about the fact, that RNG plays such a bigger role than strategy. That‘s why I lose like 80% of my battles due to dodges, stuns and crits my opponent has in a such bigger amount than I do.