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Stop complaining about jwtg problems and jwa imports

this topic is about all those people who think that jwa imports have ruined jwa. I will give reasons

!. creatures from jwtg have been imported to jwa such as deinotherium and megistocurus.
2. a lot of the community requests creatures from jwa to be added to jwtg.
3.ludia has to meet the demands of the majority and this is the most effective way of adding creatures to meet the demands of the people.
4. okay i’ll admit that ludia is doing wrong things and focusing a lot on jwa but you really cant say anything to them because they’re a game company and game companies focus on their best moneymaker which is jwa.

  1. you must stop hating on ludia especially after all they’ve done such as adding more s-hybrids as requested, adding s-dna optimization and adding the dilophoboa as requested by the player base. ludia has also recently helped break the cycle of all gen 2s being tourny when they released anky g2, and also released deinonychus which was requested heavely by the community.

again dont get angry at ludia for listening to the players who have kept requesting creatures from jwa to be added to jwtg blame them for the excess of carnivores and lack of herbivores and amphibians.


I dont think deinotherium is a jwa import its been here for a very long time

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deinotherium was added to jwa from jwtg


JWA imports have not harmed JWtG. In fact as @Tommi had once said, imported or not, new creatures added to this game are always welcome.

They do need to look into the Amphibian sphere though, and they have ready to use creatures for making hybrids such as Acanthostega, Gryposuchus, etc.


you edited this while i was reading this lol

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The issue is when they only come as Tourney dinos. There’s no diversity among the rarities and most have severely lacking or boring stats.

This assumes that any new hybrid imported from JWA will be of tournament hybrid status. This sucks when all we need for a balanced late game is a glass amphib tournament hybrid.

This point seems irrelevant. We all want so much but Ludia doesn’t deliver all of the time, or even half. Case: locked away dinos of lower rarities needed for hybrids and S-hybrids.

The rarities are the issues, or lack thereof.

Then this would mean this game ceases to exist anymore. Just because Ludia has a new toy doesn’t mean they stop playing with the old ones. It’s when this game stops making profit we’ll see this game die, like JPB.

Legit it has been 10 months between Giga and dime, so this is an absolutely lame excuse.

We have yet to see any new amphib s-hybrids.

Ankly Gen 2 was a cop out of a vip dino. Seems like Ludia forgot that they needed a new vip dino then sacrificed the dino they wanted to release next.


Ouch… :cry:


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You hit the nail square on the head.

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Another point behind the difference between being an unhappy customer and pointless complaining is the details and supporting arguments.

Sure, some people want just flat out more dinos. Not a lot of those people exist here on the forums vs other platforms, so thus we the audience here would naturally assume you meant us.

There existed a time, i think 2017/2018 where we barely got any new dinos, due to JWA being a development powerhouse at the time, so these ports are leagues better than nothing.

So does that make us ungrateful for the constant flooding of tournaments? Sure, tournaments are optional but so is playing this game and spending money on it. Low to mid level players basically have to fight tooth and nail in these tournaments, when lower rarities should be their focus, which is totally removed by certain dinos being vaulted away from unlocks due to them being base components for mid to late game dinos. There is a simple over-saturation at this point. Plus, we aren’t seeing many hybrids get ported over, which is kind of a core feature in JW.

Or how about how Ankly Gen 2 felt shoehorned into being a VIP+ dino, which pushed Wuerho down to being a normal VIP dino?

Or the update 52 Armageddon patch that affected players got little to no compensation for not even being able to play the game?

All these points I listed have supporting arguments as to why they are issues, and we should voice how Ludia might lose support from players. Everyone wants to be on the same page of improving this game, everyone just has different ways of wanting it done, and you shouldn’t rope in the random ideals with the complaints and criticism.


I 1000000000% agree with you. Players should be thankful that new creatures are still being added to JWTG, and that the game doesn’t become inactive looking that JWA is a newer installment. I would like to say Thank You to the developers because they really put a lot of effort in this game and surprise us with new cool features and creatures.

As with JWA imports, I absolutely don’t care. I am happy we get updates and new creatures. People should really stop hating because it’s just sad looking at how much effort and love has been put in this game. It’s demotivating seeing people who just keep complaining and complaining. If they are so good at hating, they should make something better (make a better game).


From the best works of art come extensive criticism. Criticism shapes art, and should not be ignored.

I am grateful for the game, and the work that gets put into it, but I won’t be complacent when I have issues with the game.

Thus Dissatisfied players like me are against Ludia’s decisions, not the work they put into the game.

Then the fallacy on creating a better game… oh boy, where do I begin. First, Ludia hold the rights to the JP/JW title, so a lot of money is in play, not just loyal fans crunching behind a computer. Second, game development is a big risk without guarantees, which is why studios acquire funding before releasing a game, they pay it back when they have money.

So if I work a 4-2pm job, when am I supposed to acquire all that goes into making a game? Would I not want to also make money off it as well? Then we come full circle, where I would like to be paid for my work, and then have to make sure I can keep the customers that pay me, especially in a F2P game where microtranactions are a necessity. That includes listening to feedback and criticisms to keep customers feeding the F2P game cycle.

Hmm, then again Ludia already holds the rights to Ostaposaurus and Allonogmius, so I couldn’t really create my own game when these 2 favorites of mine exist already.


Absolutely, JWA import or not… For one thing JWtG and JWA are sibling games, and for another like you said they aren’t pulling a JPB on us and making the game very dormant. It’s still up and running despite JWA being the main attraction.

Imports are no harm or threat. I am pretty sure the reason players are sometimes dissatisfied with the game is not because of imports but like @OstaposaurusBae pointed out, how they manage the bugs and compensation.


And poor decisions.

I could live with a dormant game, not a game that has potential being lured in front of me but squandered by poor decisions and illusions of something unobtainable


I know criticism is not always bad, but the phrase that irritates me the most is “Ludia being Ludia.” Why does that phrase needs to be used whenever an issue in the game appears? Couldn’t players just be nicer and adress that issue to the developers politely? Yes, they sometimes don’t make the best decisions, but that’s just not fair saying “Ludia is Ludia” in my opinion, and they don’t deserve so much hate.

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That’s because Ludia only knows why Ludia is doing what they are doing, and thus no one can fathom some of the decisions that they make, and thus that phrase was coined.

I did try being so much nicer, but when nice gets you no where, it seems as if things aren’t being taken seriously.

I can go back to update 52 thread and show how it started out constructive then after being ignored and abandoned things devolved, abd then went off the rails when extremely poor compensation was given out, when Ludia has given out more compensation for far less issues.

Thus “Ludia is being Ludia.” I am critical of their choices and actions, not the work that goes into this game. That work I am very well aware of and do appreciate, but don’t say it everytime an issue arises.


I respect everyone’s opinions (including yours, of course), and I agree that Update 52 had issues when it came out. I’m just saying that not every game developer always makes the right decisions. I don’t think the issues of Update 52 have been ignored. If they were, Ludia wouldn’t have fixed them, and yes the compensations weren’t the best, but they still came up with a solution.

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To be honest, fixing it is the least they can do. The Game has active paying players, and an open Forum as well. Why would they want to ignore it just like that? It definitely does not justify what happened.


Ok, that was my opinion. I’m anyway happy Ludia has put so much effort and love in JWTG, and that the game still gets updates, new features and creatures.

By the way, sorry if I made anyone feel bad, I just said my opinion.


i 100% agree with you

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