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Stop complaining players..stop nerfing

If you all keep nerfing and changing the game eventually we will have just some really cool looking pictures of dinos with all equal abilities…dumb what makes this game really neat is anyone can win at anytime because the dinos can be mixed up to make it easier to beat some of these tanks putting sifferent abilities to and attack makes each match different try mixing up your teams and stop using the classic 8 dinos everyone does some of my most epic matches have been with off handed dinos with unique abilities to beat the next dino…like look at indominus rec beat him easily with shielded high to dinos and he becomes useless but put him against another heavy hitter…xompletely different match now please stop needing and changing the game and players stop complaining aboit every xhange or ludia will keep doing it and we will all have just some pretty dino pictures with all equal abilities…boring