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Stop complaining

When you look at this forum more then 50% of the topics are to tell what is not good and people telling they are going to quit (3 days later they are going to quit again …lol).
Maybe matchmaking in arena is not perfect…so what. This is a game…enjoy yourself.
The new tournaments can be won by everyone if you just play enough and use the good tactics (No I didn’t win, but had fun and won 150hc).
So keep up the good work Ludia…sure some things can do better…but in life it is the same…some things can go better…so enjoy the game and have fun.
Have a good evening you all.


I love going on peaceful walks in the parks hunting dinosaurs. Plus the excitement of when I find something I need never wears off. :grinning:

Yesterday the alliance that I am in was trying to reach rank 4 in the missions. The one that was giving us the biggest challenge was the rare DNA. I decided to go hunt even though it was pouring rain outside to see if I could find more rare creatures.

As I was hunting, the rain stopped and the sun came out. When I turned the corner, I noticed a big rainbow right in front of me. I got to take a break from hunting for a bit and admire it.

The main reason for telling this story is that you never know what surprises await you in real life when you are out hunting. If I didn’t go out and hunt that day, I would have missed all of that.

I am not naive. I know things in this game are not perfect. I am trying my best to enjoy all the positive things that this game has to offer. Even when things dont always work right. It makes me happy just to open my game and see dinosaurs on my screen. It takes me back to when I was little and looking up at the fossils in the museum. :grinning::t_rex::sauropod:


Dancing Pirate likes the positivity.


When you look at this forum more than 10% of the topics are to complain about people complaining



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I only have this to say to all the players that wont stop whining & complaining
** this is only a ** GAME ** you are not playing for mansions, luxury cars,
gigantic millionaire mega yatchs, nor a gigantic pile of money etc.
so please stop your constant whining and just play the game for crying out loud
if you want to sook, cry, carry on like a pork chop, have a 2 year olds temper tantrum
by all means go right ahead we wont stop you, but for the love of GOD please stop
your carrying on like a spoiled ninny muggins and GET A LIFE WILL YOU ! lol
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The problem is that this IS a game, and when you are up against an unfair team, and they sweep you 3 - 0, you aren’t having fun.


matchmaking is garbage actually,you face lvl 30 boosted speed thor every corner,the game is screwed because of terrible balancing and stupid boost system.
Pëople have put money in what used to be a good game and game dev screw it completly?
They all should get a TOTAL refound ,but no ,their only option is to yell it on the forum.


Search “JWA art” on the search on the forums. Take an hour to read it, and you’ll be happy as Larry!


There’s only 770+ replies of pure positivity!

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Oh yeah, this game is fantastic. There are no issues for people to legitimately complain about, not sure why they keep screaming for it to change.

Let’s beg the developers to keep it just like it is.

Said no one, ever.

Keep throwing your money at Ludia, hoping it’ll get better.

We’re in the official Ludia forums, where their other game forums are as well. Take a peek at the other games, same complaints about issues unresolved. Go ahead and click on the HOME link at the top of the page and have a look see.


Those that didn’t complaint has now become an anomaly.
For the few positivities i.e. supply drops, artworks, there are too many negativities i.e. unfair matchmakings, bugs, fuses, spawn rates, etc.
Trying very hard to keep enjoying the game - the only aspect of the game that interests me is the PvP. But now will have to wait about half an hour and after serial losses only am I able to get an incub…:sweat_smile:

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Exactly,The MAIN aspect of the game (Before collection and exploration) is screw and this since 1.6
We got ludia ways to imporve the balance and they just listen to the few “kevins” which yell : “i work hard for my unique its normal for them to be OP”
But they didn’t stop there and do MORE:the stats boost
so now you have a terrible decision on top of another terrible decision.
Good luck to get your incubator,i gave up

In the main it’s the free to play who complain the most .
So , quite simply if the game gets you down , close the app and do something else . You’ve lost nothing other than time and effort , and pick it back up when you feel less stressed .
Now , when we look at those who have put lots of money into the game , it’s fair to say they complain less . But since the boosts we are seeing the odd complaint that there are now people who haven’t levelled up their dinos like they have , and that’s not fair . To them I say that they used incubators to level up , spending the same money as boosters did . So they should stop whining and enjoy the new aspect of the game too . What’s the point of being in the top 500 and playing the same deck against the same people and bots time after time ?
So to sum up , I fully agree with the sentiment of the op .
Stop the constant moaning and ficus more on the positives .

How do you figure? Please provide source information.

I’m P2W and have been rather vocal. I’m not the only P2W player with complaints.

In my OPINION, the only ones not complaining are those who took advantage of the unlimited boosts, and other boost exploits.


I’ve seen 3 people in our alliance quit the game without notice so there’s an obvious issue …
It’s everyones right to complain and I’ll listen.

In the end the game will either continue this way downhill or be fixed just a matter of time of which most don’t have after the past month+ of horrors lol

I’ll hold on ! Have high hopes everything will come together. It wasn’t the best at the beginning but got better !

-Saying that I do miss last years Jurassic world alive gameplay :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

DinoLord out!!


lol, fantastic topic :smiley:
i always thought a forum is a place where you can say your own opinion and share experiences.
And perhaps the devs have to use glass sphere or anything else to improve things.

if you don’t want to read about complaints: close your browser and do something else :nerd_face:

only if you talk about people, who are complaining that the whole game is crap, and they still playing it, i would totally agree with you :blush:


And this topic is one more complaint. :smiley:

But seriously, I don’t have a problem with that. Excepet topics about quiting… Those are usually just whining. But complaints are normal, even necessary, especially lately…


I’m not really bothered about the complaint topics (although I do wish people would stick to one mega thread rather than clogging up the entire forum with the same complaint).

The only ones that really annoy (or amuse?) me are the “I’m quitting and by that I mean I’m darting one less dino a day and you’ll still see me everywhere here and in-game” topics.

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Like any relationship, communication is key to it’s success or failure.