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Stop compressing ranks

Here’s an idea: stop resetting player ranks at the end of seasons. I moved from being a comfortable 5600 (+/-50) trophies and having fun in the arena to being a 5300 (in two days) without changing a bit (unless overnight I forgot how to play). Some highlights:

  • a 143-speed Thor who was faster than my Erlidominus or anything else in my party (featuring 3 141-speed creatures and 1 142-speed. And still I was out-speeded and butchered) (@Ludia_Developers: whatcha say here about "we didn’t want boosts to be necessary to be competitive? How on earth is that Thor gone to 143 speed? With boosts. Is it as competitive as mine? NO, he’s eons better)
  • a 152-speed Delta (same as above) (@Ludia_Developers: still balanced, uh?)
  • an average level of dinos of 29.2 (calculated over my last 10 matches) where my average level is 27
  • EDIT: just found a 147-speed Thor (which I suppose it’s the max since the boost was yellow-colored, not blue as usual). Please either remove these obscenities from our games, or confine these players in a specific arena, or give us a flippin’ CONCEDE button so that we can avoid losing further time. Thanks

Losing matches is fine, as long as they are fun and balanced (heck, one or two can also be unfun and unbalanced). When I have to play 3 hours to get my daily incs I think repainting my garage door is a better idea. And I don’t even have a garage.

Do something.


If they don’t reset, people will cry that they’ll never be able to catch up to the higher ranks.


As Max said, itcan cause a few days of turmoil but it is necessary. If they didn’t reset it someone could be champion for ever by gaining an insurmountable lead. You were also probably slightly higher than you belonged and are just settled back in but you’ll climb, we all do.

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this happens in basically every game, real life and virtual.

imagine if sports carried over records from previous seasons instead of resetting everyone’s each year.
are you the best team in 2020 because you had a head start from your 2019 record? no.
are you the worst team in 2020 because you had a bad year in 2019? no.

they really should reset everyone over 5000 trophies to 5000. but they don’t because the higher ranked players would cry about it


Actually they should reset 1 tier more those above 6k should be reset to 5999 trophies insteas of 5499. This causes less chaos for those in Library.


How about to play with 19-21 level team (most legendaries) against 24-27 (full uniques) ?
It’s ideal for fun :grimacing: And yeah matchmaking definetly could use an improvements … many and much

Then give players the ability to fight against the AI instead. There’s plenty of solutions, if there’s a will to find one


Another option could be changing the compression algorythm to affect less and less non-top 500 players.

A third option could be not affecting people up to (and including) the library and then compress above.

The problem is that the arena changed over time, but they are not considering properly these changes

How about everyone starts at zero, like tournaments… create two ranks of trophies like they do now with highest and current… it’s definitely possible to do.

Trying to stay positive, but when Ludia continually drains off trophies, compressing the ranks and creates a see saw effect in arena, along with forum members explaining it as something we need to get used to, all games do this (No…no, all games do NOT do this!!!) and that you’re probably ranked higher than you should be, all these things contribute to creating a toxic atmosphere in the forums.

It’s a real issue. Please stop being dismissive of other players concerns. You might just as well say “get gud”

I got reset from slightly over 5300 down to 5200. Not a huge drop, but I have barely won a battle since. Mad overboosted Thors. The reset is an active negative impact on players around the 5k mark. I get a few players at the top end might have to find a different way to overcompensate for other shortcomings, but its only a few dozen.

Tho nothing will change coz thats where the money is.

The reset will filter down below many ranks, not just those around 5k. Trophies are a commodity, a currency. When the reset happens, a very large amount of trophies comes out of the system. They are replaced to the higher ranks from all players below them.

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As you said, it affects all arena ranks. I feel it in aviary. Matches are definitely harder the first week after the reset. Just get my DBI and hope it balances out soon so i can get my incubators.

Apparently, these are considered equal strength teams.

Two of my recent opponents in Aviary.

Happy happy.

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So reset exactly like they do in tournaments.

They can’t do this…why?

Like in the tournament, as in reset everyone to zero trophies?

Yeah, I believe that’s the suggestion… can’t wait to see the threads about fairness when the top 500 and the a 1st week player can be matched.


Yes, that would go over really well.


The reset hits just about everyone in the ranks. I could feel the reset at 3000 Trophies when I was down there. At this reset I was at 5000, a bit above where I feel I should be. I got beaten down to 4800 before I won one. Yes, opponents 5, 6 or more levels higher were matched with me. I take the loss and hit the button again. Sooner or later I will fall enough to where I get a win and start getting even matches again.

And in a few weeks I will climb back up as those players who were reset, move up in trophies. If your team really should be at the level you think they should be, you will easily climb back up. The loss of trophies in not permanent, it is temporary due to the reset. If you cannot climb back up in a few weeks, you really should not have been where you were in rank.

The cycle will repeat itself next season.

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Reset to 0? Are you trying to make people cry more? How is that better than resetting the way they do now? Do you think players in the lower arenas want to fight my team and other high powered teams? I’m all for going back to zero because I’d like to see those old arenas again. But i don’t want to steamroll everyone on my way back up the ranks. That’s no fun for anyone.



Make it opt in. Reset to zero. No different than open tournaments.

We all don’t care to battle for prizes and prestige. Some of us are forced into it. I’d rather not.

No, we don’t. But that’s what we’re being forced into right now! …and it’s NOT fun.


So do a soft reset (like tournaments) where it doesn’t affect your permanent trophy count, and reset them exactly like they do tournaments… and for goodness sake, make it opt in.