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Stop compressing ranks

You are not ‘forced’ into battling arena if you do not want “prizes or prestige”. There are FB where you can battle all you want and everything is ‘fair’ there.

And if you have been battling opponents who are consistently larger, that is because you are in the trophy range in which they live. If you are not dropping a lot of trophies and losing them them constantly, that is the range, and the levels of opponents, you are capable of battling against. If they are that much larger and stronger, you will naturally fall in trophies. If you stay up there, congratulations.


Well you face a 147 speed thor??which mean he spend 20/30 points on the speed,so he can send the rest on health or damage
Thor have 5105HP:2042dmg lvl 30
so either you will find 6341HP/2042dmg // either 5105HP/2552dmg (which i guess more people would do)

Fact is,ok he have the speed advantage but be smart,take your thor and put it 20dmg/10 health // 10dmg/20health // or 15 health/15dmg ,ok you accept to be slower but you will eat him and severly damage the next opponent with ease.

In your case you will have 6341HP/3063dmg // 7657HP/2552dmg // 7019HP/2807dmg
Now be faster is not the smartest option because he will deal less damage and will have less survivability and whatever is your choice,you will wreck him

I’m sensing some toxic replies.

…and I didn’t flag anything.

Still looking for the opt out button.

If you want to play this game, you need to battle in the arena, you can’t complete daily stuff without it. FB? That system is as screwy as arena, probably more so. Last night I was battling my two accounts… I can’t tell you how many times they glitched before I gave up. I’m on cable, 100mb up and down.

I disagree.

I am too often facing heavy hitters because of Ludia compressing the ranks. Did you even see the pics I posted above?

Correct. And that new ‘compressed’ trophy range is where they now live. At that point, you can either battle them and win, battle them and lose or not battle. You will find your new trophy range to battle in, and get battles you can win 50% of the time.


…I have no words.

This is the reason for this thread. We don’t like what Ludia is doing.

Frankly, I don’t see what your point is.

…and no, when they compress the ranks, those below the top do not win 50% of the time! We become fodder.

And with that. I bow out of the discussion.

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It’s the best solution I’ve seen. The compression has to happen or you get trophy bloat and infinite progression.

If you want a mode where you can battle in a more fun way, like what hearthstone has (had?) I’m all for it. Friendlies dont fill that need.

But they’re seeming to finally start getting arena I think - I have to respectfully disagree with you. They way they’re doing it works. They just need to inject more trophies faster into the pool after the reset (and I agree with someone’s suggestion to reset to 6k.)


Id be happy with a reset cut off of 6k trophies. Mostly coz it will never effect me.


if they reset everything to 0 and did a matchmaking algorithm that was 100% team based you’d be at 0 trophies fighting people with a similar team and then work your way up.

so even at 0 trophies it could be a team of all 30s vs a team of all 30s. then start to take trophies into consideration at 5K trophies or so if they want.

anyone “good” at the game could still place high without a 1000 trophy head start

Resetting to zero would be… interesting.
I have no horse in this race, but I have a hunch the community would hate that WAAAY more. Although it would be kinda fun in a watching the world burn kinda way, it would take forever to get back to gyro and shores with everyone throwing their phones enmass and spending all their time on the forums in rage… But yeah I’m game. LOL
I can adapt to whatever Ludia throws at me.
Bring it. :slight_smile:


Not sure a pure team route works as it means people at 4k could face same team strength at 0 meaning the people at 0 may never get off zero. Also could be that 4-4.9k is filled with teams of average level of 6-10 because they never face anyone higher leveled until 5k.

Reset to 0 and base it on team level alone… hmm. I bet alot of players would hate this because they worked hard to get their trophy level where it is now. They should only reset down to the nearest 500 mark. 5k, 4.5k, 4k… etc. So nobody feels like their work was wasted

i guess resetting everyone to 0 could end up with people with real low level teams placing higher than max level teams if all they’re doing are fighting level 15s all the time.

more like a bracketed reset. when everyone goes to 0, then there are tiers that you have to have a certain team level average to enter. and the higher tier you qualify for has better prizes.

like the highest tier would be for anyone who had a team average of 28+, sort of like the new missions. And you can’t enter a lower tier if you qualify for a higher one. That way if you finish at the bottom, its just the bottom of your tier, not bottom of the whole player base.

This I can agree with, the win three to make up for one loss system didn’t work, that’s for sure.

I agree with the trophy bloat being an issue.

I just wish there was a better way to deal with it than the current system.

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Interesting that some latch onto the zero trophies and attack it, rather than being positive and finding a better solution or a way of making it work.

Thanks to those that suggested other ideas, or ways it could work.

I believe the direction of these forums is supposed to be more positive, less toxic.

Puppies and kittens.


If I’m not mistaken, professional chess players do not reset their ELO ranking (the closest approximation to JWA’s trophies) after games or events. If you want to increase your ELO you need to play and learn to beat the better players. With that in mind I don’t see a problem with not resetting the trophy count after each tournament. Really, who cares if the top players become unreachable to many new players? If it is considered an issue then just put a cap on it, say 6000 or 7000 trophies? You can’t go higher than that or below 1. Sorted. The top players have their bragging rights and players could still join them if they get good enough. It would also mean that players would face teams/opponents suited to their own trophy score a bit better.

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Team power matchmaking the way Ludia does it might as well be random matchmaking for how teams are matched.

Within 200 power points means my team could be matched with someone 10 levels below mine and that would be considered a fair match.

I had these two in a match. lv 30 thor and 27 tryko. a lv 24 Maxima was out first, but it was unboosted (pretty sure. faced 3 other maximas today, so i could be wrong.) This was either an arena dropper or someone had crap for connectivity. The timer would run out and basic moves were used by my opponent. I won, but barely. Still very unfair.

Ya like look this is what I faced look at my team how is that fair