Stop creating crutches its boring

The game has turned into crutches and fodders Alive. Stop it, its lame and it’s obvious it has ran many players away this season. Stop it already.



Sometimes I have battles I win comfortably 3-0 and think “How on earth are you in this arena?”

Then look at their team with a Lvl 29 mega Thor. Glad I didn’t face that thing!

Equal boosts=better progression. I made it to Gyro last season with Lvl 26/25 team


People telling others how to play a game. :rofl:

People should play how they wish to as long as they are not cheating. You should respect their choice of how to play as much as your choice.

P.S. I’m not supporting mega Thors’ or anything, just think it’s ridiculous someone telling others how to play.


Just as ridiculous as the amount of people leaving the game this season. You can tell if you play in Gyrosphere there’s a huge difference from last season to now. It’s a pile of players in the same place, it’s the new aviary lol.

Not trying to really tell others how to play. But maybe I think it should stop.

Here “Stop running other players away”.


Yeah that’s like 90% of teams I face now lol. It’s the new hip trend. Max boosting 1 dino to the moon. And ruining battles when it is drawn.

They want to play how they want with no regards to others. Until there is no others. Sad really.


The fault for this is Ludia. People are playing however they feel they want to using the tools that Ludia have provided them. So no, it’s not as ridiculous as the amount of players leaving. What is ridiculous is what Ludia are doing with boosts, not what players are doing with boosts.

Yes you are, you said it in the title, and then again in your post. You are telling players to stop using one of the methods they use to play.

Ludia is the ONLY one at fault here, not the players.


There is no way anyone can blame the players for using what Ludia gave them. Or should I say what Ludia sold them.

When you are on the receiving end of a 3-0 loss to a highly boosted ‘crutch’ the first thing many want to do is get even.

Ludia know this, hence boost sales every day for over a month now. They have created this monster, not the players who just want to get even!


They aren’t leaving the game, they just aren’t fighting in arena.
I’ve lost no one to inactivity, but half haven’t gone into arena yet.

I blame matchmaking for the lack of players in the arena, I don’t blame players…play what you want how you want.


Jw alive community in instagram is like opposite. You get bullied if you don’t use thor, indo g2 and all that stuff. lol


Crutch dinos are beyond irritating at this point.
While maybe a small amount of blame can lie with the players, the vast majority of it lies with Ludia for making a boost system which was always quite likely to go this way.
The fact that teams have become so lopsided has caused matchmaking to become nonsensical.


I don’t find them boring.
They force me to get creative and try and forward think.
If they start early, I try to figure the best possible sacrifice to overcome it.
If they start with unboosted fodder, that sets up the red flag that they have a ringer and I save my best for last as well.
For me a boring match is one where I subconsciously know how to counter everything the opponent does. I like the occasional wrench thrown at me.


I find them fun too. Since I just close the app and actually do something that is fun.

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Okay they aren’t leaving but the aren’t in the arena xD check around there’s a lot of 0 trophies around. And I wonder why they aren’t in the arena?

Could it be because it’s mostly just a frustrating and boring experience at the same time? With crutches and fodders everywhere perhaps?

I’m not actually blaming players, but it’s funny how people come to the defense of crutching xD Boosting like that is a “players” choice. And that choice keeps people away from the arena. We can paint it however we like…

I’m thinking forward. Time to send a yawn emoji and close the app.
Screenshot_20200112-131337_JW Alive

Well we can agree to disagree there. While of course its ludias fault first and foremost. The dumb boosts are here and players help make them as cancerous as they can be.


Please don’t confuse my response with someone who has a crutch Dino.

I haven’t bought a single boost since they were launched and won’t do either. I stopped buying anything at all when boosts were introduced and cancelled my vip, as I feel quite strongly that speed boosts took away the only true balance the game offered.

I dislike crutch dinos as much as you, but I understand why people have them. The blame lies solely at Ludias door in my opinion.

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I will never say no to free trophies.
One of the most satisfying ways to win is to make the opponent give up.
If you don’t defend them, you don’t deserve them.

I know you schtemty I didn’t mean it as you were. But there is a lot of people who really go crazy about defending there crutch. It’s the same in a battle. They surround it with big hp bank fodders and swap in moves. My bad it sounded like I’m saying that to you. I get what everyone is saying at least.

Sometimes I do try. Lately it’s gotten so ridiculous. And procerat is the worst one imo. Ig2 is not the worst. You can slow it down and chop its health away. Now when a procerat comes out like that. Full immune, evasive dodge 3 times, distracting, nullifying, and massive speed. I’m sorry but that is a troll build and I’m going to close the app or at the very least try to beat it but let the timer go down to 1 while I do something else. Its built for quick fix wins I’ll make it slow.
And what I’m saying is I get some players made crutches to get revenge on the other crutches. I wanted to make this post to maybe slow this down. I want revenge too! But I don’t go and create a massive crutch buying all maxxed boosts. Players are at fault simply for falling into the trap. And a lot of players are just giving up unable to compete, avoiding the frustration in the arena.

Ludia should do boost 3.0 and implement a system against doing this, so I do agree it’s there fault. But players have followed it to a T.


I totally get it.
Sometimes it’s 2-2 and someone plays a max speed Orion.
I’ll do the math and it’s a 0% chance of victory.
You can’t win them all.
The difference here is how you lose.
Always try to lose with class and a “Well played”.


Here’s that proceRAT crutch build of course its maxxed boosted. Bet they can’t wait to level it to 30 to add there last boost tier. This thing needs a dire nerf…

Sometimes I look at my Erlidom and think it’s a “thousand foot crutch”
It somehow ended up leveling faster than everything else without me even trying to level it. As for the boosts, they’re pretty much everything I’ve won prior to reset + two speeds won recently.

That’s a big waste