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Stop creating crutches its boring

ProceRat will be nerfed because its strength doesn’t coincide with Ludias stated design philosophy…and that is, that they base a dinosaurs strength on ease or creation and leveling.

Basically if its super easy to level and unlock, it’s supposed to be weak, like Monolometrodon as it’s made of 2 commons, then you have something really stronger like Magna which is made from difficult ingredients, or Tryko as it’s made of epics.

Yoshi is too strong for what it is, thats why players complain about the rarity thing.


I actually had Tenrex on the chopping block and havent been boosting it much… But it just keeps on excelling. I may start boosting it if nothing much changes with 1.12


Teno (for lack of being able to ever pronounce it correctly lol) is a very underrated dinosaur, its one of those things that in the hands of a skilled tactician or strategist can excel in many different situations.
Probably why its not as used, coz its not just faceroll, you gotta play it right to do well :), which honestly should be the case with ALL dinosaurs as it is supposed to be a strategy game, not a inject boost into your compy and make it hit like a Mosasaur game -_-


Ive been thinking of putting all my tenoto to use and leveling mine… its kit is far more flexible then thor and that matter.


More flexible yes, but that instant charge…

Mine is also minimally boosted (2-2-1), although that will change when Procera gets its inevitable nerf and Tenontorex is once again back on my team. I replaced Tenontorex with my unboosted level 29 Procera a while back.

She will be level 29 once I save up the coins.


How in the world are you anywhere near the aviary with that crew? Unbelievable if you ask me which you didn’t ofc

That’s the kind of stuff I see in Aviary and low Library.

Not sure I understand the question. Are you thinking it should be lower than Aviary?

I used to be lower to mid-library with these guys. No longer though, not with almost unlimited boosting.

I purposely have dropped down to Lockwood now and play with different, lower level teams. Just tired of seeing all the same, overboosted dinos. Still see a few in Lockwood - more an more every day. So mayhave to drop even farther to have fun. Or just give up on arena altogether.

If you buy all maxxed boosts and create a massive crutch you could go to gyro xD


Yeah sorry for being vague . I figure that team to be at least library was my initial thought . I see teams like that in aviary and it really kills the fun for me . I assume most of what I see are droppers and I admit I harbor some disdain for them


Yeah @Josh_Leavitt, that team used to be good for library and I was climbing until boosts started being sold daily.

I agree about droppers - or used to anyway.

I have indeed dropped, but would never use that team in Lockwood. I have a team that is 20 to 23 for Lockwood, which seems to be about right there these days (though it used to be more like 18/20). I run into some 18/19 teams, but also some boosted 24/25 teams there. It let’s me try some dinos I could not use at higher levels - none of which are boosted. I also see more diversity in Lockwood, as people are using rare and legendaries there.

I do run into the occasional dropper in Lockwood who I cannot respect, who comes at me with his boosted lvl 24 Thor or whatever. Still, it’s rare in Lockwood, but it is commonplace above it. For me there is no more fun to be had at Aviary and above. Too many crutches and too little diversity.

LootzYa has made it so I no longer care about climbing to higher arenas or getting more trophies. It is pay to win now and I am not going to do that.

I have lots of boosts still, (900 speed, etc.), but am not going to apply them unless I might need them for PvE. Arena is too broken to bother playing the boost game.

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Second account had no problem getting its incubator today, so I’m still trying to figure out if it’s the daily boost sales or just bad RNG that makes it more difficult sometimes. Weekends are always the worst on both accounts.

I still think arena would be much better if boosts had never been implemented in the first place.


what if boosts only took effect in a high arena. i.e Lockwood Library and above? people can still boost their dinos, just that the boosts don’t take effect until the player reaches that arena. Top arenas would be super competitive (p2w), while the lower arenas can have some balance and be for “learning to play” (learning strategy and building a team)


I have seen so many great ideas for boosts. The issue is that Lie2ya won’t do any of them. They make money this way and that is, for now, more important than the playability of the arena.

I give them some credit for a few of the new things they have added. Unfortunately the new boost meta negates all of them (for me anyway). Just working on my dinodex so I can get it wrapped up.


That really isn’t a bad idea. But you know the boost players are going to complain if this was ever implemented.

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Oh i know. but it was the only compromise i could come up with that allowed both with relatively little resistance.


The main problems with boosts imo…

Being stuck with the same team. It’s just a big setback to revert and apply them on a new dino you may want to run. At the same time it prevents people from just max boosting that op dino then refunding with consequence.

And the way players do it. Putting almost all of there boosts into one massive ridiculous dino. Often referred to as a crutch lol.

Selling everyday isn’t the best but anyone buying all maxxed boosts can go have fun with the others buying all maxxed. But atm they put it all into one dino mostly so when it isn’t drawn they drop down, then lower players meet this massively all maxxed crutch. And it’s no fun at all.

Refunding or switching dinos has to be more welcomed. And control on how many boosts can go in one dino at a time. And then you have a little better boost situation at least imo.


Yeah its a double edged sword, most want boosts gone coz they wreck arena, but then when you suggest ways to get rid of them they rage.

Did they really expect that in the event of boost removal, only their opponents boosts would be taken away, and they keep theirs? LOL


I’ve always tried to keep my team somewhat evenly boosted, but I do add more speed to Tryostronix and Indoraptor since they’re supposed to be fast anyway. I also add more health to tanks. Tryostronix needs more attack boosts due to its low attack.

I may or may not start boosting Thor and IncomeRaptor. Same with Procerathomimus.