Stop creating crutches its boring

I actually like that trex crutch lol. Cooler han the usual ones. And rexy can only go up with a buff there’s no way it gets a nerf so its steady.

Tho not really a crutch, her general purpose has been changed a bit. She helps against some of those mildly boosted speedsters. (Too expensive to try out speeding an indo g2 for long)

Well. Again. This is a cool and different creature than usual suspects for crutching. And I wouldn’t exactly call it a crutch yet.

Wait till it has all maxxed boosts to troll opponents lol.

I agree with the op, I was doing 50 battles a day because it was fun but now I don’t even try to get my daily incubators anymore unless I need one for my daily missions. It’s no fun when a 150 speed lv30 sacorixis with tons of boost comes out to 1 shot your entire team.
I said this before but Ludia should have different boost caps to stop people from creating crutches. An example would be limiting Thora to tier 6 max for health, teir 10 max for attack, teir 4 max for speed.

Sure Ludia puts the boosts for sale, but there isn’t a Ludia representative standing besides players saying “Put all those boosts on Thor, to hell with balance”.
That’s on the player!


Not really a case of not wanting to defend ones team when up against an unbeatable crutch, when someone gives up in that situation it’s more akin to them showing distaste for the tactic and washing their hands of the match, refusing to take part on principle.

That’s how I see it anyway.


Indeed that’s the case a lot of the times, when there is nothing you can do. And the all maxxed crutch has evasive and is dodging everything ig2 and erlidom can’t speed up past it even…prepare for 3-0’d. Stay and watch it unfold, or yawn emoji and do something that isn’t wasting your time legitimately.

Idk but I have a wife, son, job, and things to do. I have my time for this game. Using it to be destroyed by crutches as they send fodders in to protect the crutch isn’t exactly what I wish for my time.

Basically just saying with a little hope. Can we maybe go a different route. But it will have to come to Ludia on changing it.

Implement a system where you can’t boost something to tier x without x amount of dinos on your team boosted to tier x.

Yes but who is any player to tell another player how to play the game?

Players don’t unbalance the arena, boosts do, and it is Ludia who have introduced boosts and got greedy with selling them.

This constant blaming of players choosing to put all boosts into Thor, or using the Rat pre-nerf, and everything else players cry about other players doing is wrong. Players are playing fair and square with the resources and mechanics given to them by Ludia.

Just because you lot can’t make Ludia do anything you turn your focus to the players, as if you can achieve anything there either.


We aren’t claiming they are cheating or doing anything against the games rules, we are just trying to show that doing those things can and will hurt the arena overall, and thus other players.

Just because someone can do something, doesn’t mean they should. Sure creating a super boosted X form Dino is great at the moment for them, doing so comes at the risk of hurting the game overall, and driving away players which in the end will affect themselves and others. We just simply want things to improve, and that wont happen while players continue to do things that are proven toxic to the arena and thus the health of the game.

Ludia doesn’t give a damn about anything but profits so clearly they aren’t going to help, but if players stuck together the arena could be made great, but most are rather selfish and will do anything they can to help themselves even if it harms the game.

The players can create as many over boosted monsters or crutches or whatever they like, just as long as they know that doing so, will frustrate other players into quitting, and obviously if this happens enough it will kill the game.

I personally hated arena due to all the unfair over boosted monsters in the matches (amount other things) so I straight up quit 6 months ago, so thats proof right there that other players actions HAVE resulted in players leaving.

Anyway as I said, they can boost all they like, but its gunna hurt everyone in the end. Long as they accept that im fine.


You all are preaching to the choir.

Some people are going to try to win at any expense. Bar cheating, there’s nothing wrong with that other than the hurt feelings of those offended by it. (If you ain’t first, you’re LAST!)

Ludia isn’t going to change a thing because they only see the money flowing in.

You’ll never convince everyone to play by your PERCEIVED rules, because the opportunity is still there, and it is a definite advantage.

You have a few choices,
Complain, which accomplishes nothing
Accept and continue as you were.
Buy out Ludia and change the actual gameplay.

I’m in lower Library with a team that probably should be higher than that, with minimal boosts earned through daily gameplay. I’ve chosen to continue, not buy anything except those $1.99 incubators and drop arenas when I get the annoying run of 100 losses in a row against horribly boosted teams.

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I suppose it doesn’t really matter anyway since the game is wrecked beyond repair anyway, and the company is only getting worse, not better. So you have a point.


I totally agree.

What people also forget, or simply disregard is that not everyone plays in the arena for fun. Some people, likely many, play the arena simply to get incubators, complete daily and alliance missions and get the DBI.

It therefore make sense for people to want to get in and out of the arena each day as quick as they can by any means possible. Nothing wrong in that.

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That’s exactly why I battle.

If it starts taking too long to get my DBI, I’m changing teams, dropping arenas and going back into climb mode with fairly easier wins.

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So the ones who don’t enjoy arena anyway and just “get in and out” is fine to wreck the fun of those who do or did enjoy arena? If anything thats even worse…

Moot point anyway, the arena cant and never will be as great as it was pre-1.7. Boosts wreck arena, boosts also make Ludia money, therefore they will never be removed.

Balanced arena cant work while boosts exist, and boosts will always exist due to Ludia. Ergo arena is forever wrecked. Its a shame coz it was once so good =/.

May aswell have a free for all and trash the place while it burns down.


Ludia is the only entity that has the power to change the way EVERYONE battles.

We could get everyone on the forums to agree to rules, it’s not going to change the arena. The arena will continue on as it is right now.

…and I’d be careful what we ask for, so far the fix has almost always been worse than the original problem.

Still worth trying to improve things ;), its always worth it to make things better in everything in life :slight_smile:

Also its still wise to always ask for changes if they are needed, sadly its up to the one doing the repairs not to go overboard (which we know they will lol).

Edit: We can fail to improve things a million times in a row, but it only needs to work once :slight_smile:

Doesn’t deal with any equally boosted tanks. Not a single one and they don’t have to waste boosts into speed. Doesn’t need a nerf at all.

Chaos reigns supreme? I like it.

We can start with unlimited strike tower attempts. One spawn a day, users have 24 hours to dart as many as they can. Coin sales spike as users level those bad boys up. They are waiting for the store to open so they can purchase the daily boost allotment to maxx boost them all right up. Sales numbers are off the charts.

Before you know it everyone has level 30 Maxx boosted monsters. There are no longer any wait times for the upper Arenas as everyone is bunched up there. Instant matching!

Then, they can introduce… Rumble arena! An exciting new addition to spice up battles! The computer picks 4 of your 8 and ALL enter the arena! Fastest goes first, ties settled as they currently are. The fastest gets to pick any of their opponents 4 to hit. BAM! Then… The opponent gets to pick any of their 4 to make a hit on any of their opponents creatures. Then, turns go back a forth, only the first attacks can be a speed tie race.

Major strategy comes into play now. Who will they hit first? Their opponents strongest to eliminate it? Will they shield one of theirs to have it last? Take out their fastest first? Distract that crutch Thor to take it out for the next two turns? If they stunned one of yours, you have 3 others to choose from. No more stun locks losing turns!.. For now anyway. Stuns will only matter if the opponent only has one creature left.

Back and forth, turn after turn, taking one after another out. Winner is last one with a creature in Arena! Battles will become Epic!


Way to go Wood.
Ludia liked your idea and decided to do unlimited Maxima attempts. LOL


tenor (15)

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