Stop creating crutches its boring

Pre-1.7 arena sucks. 5.min.timer for AI, opponents who shouldnt be with you, pretty much the same dinos over and over. What has changed? To me only the AI timer. Arena was always a toxic place. ProceRat has been a problem since its introduction.



A live look at the arena heh


To be fair, spending $400 dollars worth of boosts on a single dinosaur that has the nerf target clearly painted on its back, wouldnt exactly be what I would call “Smarter” boost usage lol


Because back then there was no rat problem, no 150 speed Thors one shotting teams, no massively lower levelled dinosaurs that were sweeping ya team due to boosts. Basically all you had to do to move up the leaderboard was go out and hunt dinosaurs, and learn better battling strategies.

Now its just trash compared to what it was! Its not even remotely as good as it was.

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Same thing to me. Humans playing to win and overpowering you by any means necessary. The arena is better now because of AI and the high score thing. But its worse because of the negativity in the community.

Now there is no Rat problem but still people whine. Its human nature to be unhappy when things do not go their way.

Boosts make no difference and make some dinos easier to beat because the user is hopeless. 149 speed Thoras are a joke. Low damage or low health. So can outspeed you but gets 2 shot by a properly boosted Tryko.

Reset to 1.6 and watch the whiners whine about ProceRat or some new gripe. People leave because they cannot.compete with PTW. What changed? Same salty players whining Ludia isnt letting them win playing their way. I rather we just leave the whales alone to play their high level games and remove boosts. Just to show, the problem is the player base not boosts or whatever Rat you whine about. Everyone can have boosts if they want. Not everyone will be able to dart enough DNA to make a lvl 30 ProceRat or Mammotherium.

I am tired of the toxicity of the entitled players. You play a game for free or 10 bucks a month and think the game should cater to your wants exclusively.

Not just you. You stopped playing so the game means nothing to you but a trolling entertainment. I believe the game is dead. Not because of boosts but because players who have no stake in the game make the most noise.

I am not targeting you. Its just tiring to see players whine and whine about what others choose to do. Then make it sound like Ludia should stop the mean opponent from beating them.

Draw a bad hand or crits dun land and you still lose 3-0 or 3-1. Had it happen to me 5 times in a row yesterday. I cant blame boosts since I am equally boosted. Same cheapskate tricks and OP dinos. So the diff is luck and psychology aka mind games.

I dun care what Ludia does because they seem to be better off doing nothing given what happened yesterday and today. Alliance tab hanging the game and now DNA request not working.

I don’t want to sound entitled, but I have to be edgy because people are protective of there crutches. All I’m trying to say is, that this way that players are boosting are driving more players away. Look around its evident.

Who wants to go into the arena when there is some fully maxxed boosted tier 30 boosts dino waiting for you? It’s not about any one specific. It’s that fact of the matter players decided that’s the most beneficial for them self. Without asking them selves what effect it will have on the arena and other players. But who cares?

They spent so much time max boosting there crutch they forgot to stop and wonder if they should. Who cares about the ripple effect right? That’s chaos xD

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Honestly ive never read such drivel in my life lol.

First of all read back old forum posts from before boosts…notice the lack of non stop complaints? and do you know WHY players complain? when something is an ISSUE! Happy players enjoying the game don’t complain, so the fact that the forum is flooded with complaints shows how many problems there are.

Oh and just because I don’t play anymore doesn’t mean I wouldnt wanna see the game great again, like it was BEFORE boosts were added. You may think I just come here to troll Lydia but thats only 99% of it (lol).

And the game was never fully P2W till they added boosts to the game, letting certain players spend money in place of learning how to actually play and come up with strategy. For me personally I used to make constant progress in the arena…then they added rats, and boosts and then my progress stopped because outplaying an opponent didnt matter anymore because they could just whip out their 3k damage Thor or rat you out of the win.

And for the record, its not “whining” if its a legitimate issue, thats what’s you aren’t understanding!

I started playing 3 weeks into the games launch, I have followed the game through it all (even when not playing), I have seen all the issues that keep repeating because the devs wont learn from their mistakes, alliance chat I always harp about? still not fixed apparently.

You know the best to keep players to stop complaining about an issue? fix it!

And for the record any change ive ever suggested was the overall health of the game, not my personal satisfaction. I can still wanna see a game fixed even if it doesn’t affect me, because I know what it means to see a game you enjoy going down the toilet, so I can relate to wanting to see it fixed.

Why you think I stuck around after leaving the game? I wanna see it fixed.


Since when in human history has the common Man thought of the greater good? Especially when its a over competitive environment.

This is why i prefer AI to be part of the arena experience and a shorter timer to play AI. A progressive one if needed. 15s in Aviary and below, 30s in Library, 45s in Gyro Depot and 1 min in Shores. Makes the arena experience more fun. AI shouldnt be boosted or boosted mildly without overleveling

To me it will never be fixed because of the player base. Imagine boost removed today. Would the old players return? No. Would the boost only PTW stay? No. So that is the end of JWA.

Nothing will be fixed because its already too late. I stuck around because alliance. Now even that is messing up with very bad bugs which make no sense.

There is no way Ludia can fix this. Not unless they move away from Arena as the core of the game. Boosts dun matter if no one plays Arena seriously. If AI is there, why do you need boosts? If you can buy incs and scents instead to make your team better why the need for boosts?

And also the community seems toxic because players attack other players who are simply reporting issues to the company, yet you call it whining.

Lets say you go to a store and the service is shocking, so you go and speak to the manager and you tell them about the issues…and lets say he just stands there staring at you not saying a word or acknowledging you. What would you do? you would repeat yourself wouldnt you, thinking they didnt hear you? lets say they still ignore you? how long you think it would be before you were potentially screaming at them?

This is why the forum is flooded with complaints, because those who do mention issues get ignored, and its only naturally to mention it again AND again till its either acknowledged or its fixed.

When you call a players complaining about AN ISSUE, you are being toxic. They want the game fixed, you just want them to shut up dispite it not being fixed, which I think is totally unreasonable!

Also whining about whiners is whining btw lol


I would 100% consider coming back to the game (as a free player) if boosts were removed and it was back to its old roots, im sure others would do the same (not all but some). But this wont happen so its moot point.

And they can improve arena, give a seperate boost free aren’t or even a straight up AI only arena, thats something I would play and actually requested ages ago. But they wont do it because they need victims for their boosters.

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It can be fixed though imo. Make a system that makes it so players can’t put all there boosts into one basket. Sure there will still be teams way boosted than you. But I mean people are just buying all maxxed boosts, and applying it to 1-2 dinos. Then trolling the heck out of other players.

And look, when the crutches aren’t selected they lose trophies and start trolling lower ranked teams on ther way back up. Its infuriating.

If ludia implemented a system where we can’t max boost 1 dino. Then all teams will be more rounded with less chances of trophy dropping when they aren’t selected.


You must have 7 other dinos at tier 3 to boost your procerat to tier 5. Put a muzzle on crutching.

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Actually it will likely be the boost free arena will bleed into the boosted arena due to incompetence.

The game wouldnt survive removing boosts. Not with the current player base. No guarantee that new players will come and old ones return but its a guaranteed scatological storm from the boosted crowd.

The game was doing perfectly fine before boosts were added and it can certainly survive with them gone. Its no coincidence that the game went downhill after 1.7.

And also you claim the game cant survive without boosts? well it certainly isn’t going to survive WITH them either, as shown by the dropping player numbers. The status quo isn’t working so they either need to do something to change it, or let the game go under.

There are plenty of ways to fix the game, but if they even remotely require sidelining short term profit, they wont even remotely consider it, even if it could save the game leading to MORE money.

Ludias long term goal is short term profits, which is just stupid lol.

Just off the top of my head I can think of a way to slow the boost monster issue - When you boost a dinosaurs stat to tier 1, it unlocks tier one on their other team members, however they cant boost that single dinosaur to tier 20 until they have spread the boosts to the rest of their team…basically you want tier 2? you gotta boost your whole team to tier 1 first, then you can start working on tier 2. Then once all your team is tier 2, then you can start working on tier 3.

This would make it impossible for someone to buy a ton of boosts and put them all on Thor and none on the others.

Ludia wont do this though because they want players spending like crazing and using (and wasting) tons of boosts. Once again a perfectly viable change is invalidate by their refusal to put players first.


If they did away with the ridiculous monthly trophy resets AND made boosts something you have to earn (not buy), the arena would probably be a much better place than it is now.

Supposedly the trophy resets were implemented so that we can catch up to the whales. Newsflash: I don’t give a DracoRAT’s behind about catching up to someone who’s going to wipe the floor with my team! I just want fair matchmaking so these frustrating weekend losing streaks can come to an end.

I can’t compete with the whales, and these stupid monthly resets force me to. How is that fair?


Btw im not attacking you personally @arugono so don’t think that, its actually the ones mismanaging the game that annoy me because they are greedy and keep making the same mistakes over and over and not learning.

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When we first heard about the idea of boosts we were led to believe (read lied to) that they would be very limited and slowly earned over time, so it would be a slow rollout over time. BOY were we lied to!


I doubt it makes a diff whether you let players boost slow or boost fast. Once you make it available they will take what they can.

The game will die once boosts are removed. Mainly because the boost or bust crowd are the core. I am on the whatever side. Remove boosts keep boosts modify boosts, i dun care. Just stop being incompetent and making my enjoyment erratic. I am a minority. A player who doesnt care so long as the game is fun.

Who will support the game once the core.leaves? Not most of the complainers. They will just up and leave to the next game. Ludia doesnt get any money there. The whales stop spending either because their beloved boosts are.gone or the refund currency for boosts delays their real money purchases. Ludia has to fight legally or morally to not refund real money to the boost or bust crowd. So where is the money coming from? Nowhere. No fresh money.from whales. Money going out to the quitters. The anti-boost brigade will probably become the anti-IG2 brigade and grand stand there why people shouldnt give Ludia a cent.