Stop crying about everything


I’ve been reading the forms for a few weeks now hoping to find information about dino’ s and game play. That was were I made my mistake, I thought I might find adults but all that seems to be on the forms is cry baby’s. If you get beat oh they have to be a cheater or someone’s spent more money than me and another good one is I shouldn’t have to battle people who have better dino’s than me. Grow up life is not fair and everything isn’t going to be handed to you on a silver platter.


Or just skip those threads?


Download discord and join metahub, no crying there.


What’s the discord channel’s stance on cheaters? Because despite what OPs talking about, cheaters are a valid complaint.


So life isn’t fair is a valid reason to cheat or have crap programming?

Life isn’t fair all of a sudden invalidates valid complaints and issues? Get over yourself.


So life isn’t fair so games should not be fair either? Games aren’t life. No gamer seeks life in games. Quite the opposite actually.

There are plenty of threads around about the dinos, the game and it’s rules, and they are not at all hard to find. Happy hunting.


This post wins the day :ok_hand:t2:


crying about people crying. classic…
the best solution is to start a thread that is going to turn into more people crying :+1:




I play every day and sometimes I win and sometimes I lose. If I lose too many times in a row I give it a break and come back and try again. I don’t care if people spend more money then I do. I’m on a fixed income due to retirement. If they have the the money to spend its their business! Just enjoy the game as it’s only a game. Not life! It’s meant to be fun. So please stop complaining!