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Stop crying about stat boosts

There are countless threads on this and y’all sound like a bunch of babies - being that it’s not a big deal. I’m not a paying player and I’ve been hovering around 4200-4600 trophies and low 20 lvl dinos for a few months now and stat boosts aren’t changing that really. In fact I’m at my highest trophy count ever 4760. Sure, sometimes i get destroyed - but sometimes I get to do the destroying. It’s not much different than the rng issues before - and those are still a thing of course. But anyway - the complaining is not needed.

  1. It’s a phone game. Have fun or do something productive.
  2. Stat boosts have changed the dynamic of the game but it’s not a big deal. You get nothing for having a high trophy count. It’s just your pride. You’re going to win battle incubators no matter what.
  3. The new tournament eliminates stat boosts and puts everyone on a somewhat even playing field. Go ahead and win there and take pride in that.

If they didn’t introduce a new tournament system - I could sympathize with the complaints - but since they did - the complaints are out of place.

Ludias job is to make a fun, exciting game that you can play in between the other things you do throughout the day. In that regard - they are doing a pretty good job. There’s no need to take a trophy count so serious.


when you face someone with a 180 speed thor, and you get 3-0’ed without ever getting a chance to launch an attack, it is not fun…and, if i may be so bold, it is no longer a game.


Exactly! I understand the frustration behind it, but the matchmaking seems to take these stat boosts into account. Only once have I faced an impossible battle against a lv 26 Thor when the highest level Dino I’ve got is a 22 Indoraptor (and that was from an event). You win some, you lose some. I haven’t paid a dime in improving my Dinos (other than character level up one-time offers… I refuse to pay $50)


That’s how things get fixed, not ignoring them or posting on a forum to tell people to get over it especially when it’s a HUGE problem for the players and the game going forward.

Oh it’s a big deal. Maybe I just missed it, I doubt it, but I have yet to see anyone complain about their trophy count. What I do see is people being upset over the imbalance in the arenas. People upset that all their hard work at working towards creating dinos so they can compete down the road is just flushed. People below Aviary and Lockwood are never going to have a chance no matter what they do. And new players? forget it. You’re right about winning incubators. Eventually the matching system is going to stack the odds against your opponent and you will eventually win. But seeing the concerns from people, you shouldn’t have to suffer for long periods of time to get that done.

People are quitting left and right. There’s been quite a few high profile players that have already had enough. You need to open your eyes and see what’s going on around you. This is really a pivotal point for the game. They need to make some serious decisions, right now, or it won’t even be around for you to complain about those complaining.


Thats the thing - there’s no reason to be complaining right now - unless you really care about your trophy count. You’re going to win some matches and lose some. Even if you get knocked out of aviary - you’ll eventually get to a point where you win the majority again.

  1. You get nothing for having a high trophy count - except I guess you think you get respect from people - most whom you don’t actually know?

  2. People used to drop their trophy count on purpose - remember that?

There is a new tournament in which they have leveled the playing field - making it mostly about the skill of the player - rather than ones ability to pay/grind (though there is still some of that).

The normal pvp arena now is just about having fun - the trophy count is pointless. You’re still going to get incubators. Everyone gets the same amount of stat boosts in the daily reward. You can use your cash buy more boosts - and that’s up to you if you want. But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter - just have fun. I don’t mind losing to a super boosted Thor every now and then. After a few months and daily stat boosts - we’ll all have him.


You’re not up against that every battle tho. And it means you need a better strategy - and for rng to be on your side. Thor is such that if the rng is in his favor - even an un boosted Thor could pull that off.

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I’m sorry but what trophy level are you at? Because Aviary is now flooded with 165 speed trykos and Thors and Dracoceras that can do 4k damage upon swap in. I like the idea of boosts, but that is not what people are “complaining about”. It’s the fact that people were able to buy them at their leisure once their dino hit a certain tier. Ludia has already come out to say that was not supposed to happen. People were not supposed to have tier 6 and 7 dinos in one week. It was a bug that I hope they fix because right now, the game is broken as it is. And there will be a lot more people leaving if they don’t do something about it.


at my trophy count, i surely am - if you are a lower trophy count, you are likely not, because those teams are racing up the ladder.

what strategy would you suggest against a wallet-boosted thor that is faster, healthier and does more damage than anything on your team? i am intrigued as to how you would approach it - i am, sorry, was, a top 250 player with 29/30 dinosaurs.


I said my trophy count in the op.

But again - this is only a pride issue and I’m not sure why people can’t see that. This arena is now purely for fun. You get nothing for having a high trophy count.

The new tournament is boost free - and there - ranking matters.

So I don’t understand why people are leaving the game over pvp that doesn’t really matter at all.


In the end of the day it’s only a game that is slowly taking over ur lives lol


that much is abundantly clear, you do not understand.


That’s what I’m saying - your trophy count doesn’t matter any more other than for your pride. You get nothing from this arena now - other than the satisfaction of having better dinos then others I guess?

This arena now is about gaining incubators only. The new tournament has a ranking system that matters for rewards.

Anyway - for a boosted thor like you describe - he’s probably going to get at least one of your guys no matter what but if rng is on your side you could get him with cloaks, distraction and swap in draco for the kill.

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PvP is the games main focus


What people are “complaining” about is the fact they put in 1 year of hard work to get dinos to the levels they are. Then people with bigger wallets than them are now outpacing, outspeeding, and outhitting them because they were able to pay for it. Like I said, I don’t mind the boost system, but it isn’t about the trophy count. It’s the implementation of the boosts that went all wrong. The game is going too fast, and it’s broken.


That’s lame

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You do realize that this weeks tournament has boosts right?

So yeah, these boosts are a problem

Well i just replied to you above about that. That’s lame.

I was still typing when you posted that

Also what’s lame?