Stop development on new features for 2-3 months

Ok here is a suggestion: Stop building new features for a couple of months and let the devs fix stuff that is broken.

Here’s a short list to get you started:

  • PVP matchmaiking fails 50% of the time. Some days it fails 10 times in a row.
  • Chat fails to load 90% of the time and even when it loads it is almost unuseable
  • Friends list 100% fails if you have “too many friends” and even with a low number of friends it frequently fails
  • Raids have many bugs including status items (buffs/debuffs) almost always displaying false information making this feature completely useless
  • Any point in the app that involves a server request can cause the app to freeze indefinitely
  • Performance is very poor overall and simple actions like tapping a creature in your creature list can cause a 5-10 second lockup

This isn’t the first time this suggestion has been made.

So why hasn’t it been implemented? - I hear you ask.

It seems obvious to anyone that having a game that runs smoothly without all the glitches and problems this one has would be great for the players. But historically Ludia are hopeless when it comes to fixing issues. You only have to look at the current Samsung S21 issues with the map not moving with the game for months now. And how about Mortem with the wrong animation and a move that doesn’t do as advertised for months too.

Other games have multiple patches that fix issues along the way without shutting the game down for hours and hours. So having an update for bug fixes that doesn’t fix the main issues would be pointless. How many times have we seen the notes for an update that says no end of bugs will be fixed and yet here we are with so many of the same bugs still there! Plus a host of new ones with every update!

Nothing tells me Ludia are capable of fixing the bugs. So an update to fix them wouldn’t even achieve the goal. If they could fix them they would have been done by now. So instead of us having new content to take our minds away from the bugs we would have yet more bugs, no new content, and still suffer the original bugs.


Ah yes, forgot to mention that the map doesn’t work if you have a new phone (Android 12). Its just the most basic functionality in the game not working on a large portion of phones but we’re so used to it noone is even surprised.

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The Google Maps SDK for Unity (that they use to generate the in-game map) and the Playable Locations API (that they use to place supply drops and other things on the map) have been deprecated as of late October and will be scrapped entirely as of December 2022, so I expect they’ll be busy replacing those as well. “Minor” bugs are probably being pushed to the wayside. That may be why they haven’t fixed the Android 12 map issue yet, too, because they have to change everything map-related.