Stop discriminate players - Give us boosts to buy or take them away for once and for all!

As I see it, it’s a HUGE DISCRIMINATION letting people run around with boosted dinos - while some players can’t keep it up.

The whole problem is not only based on a uncertainty, if boosts are here to stay or not, it’s also has a psychological meaning - a human condition.

Why was the community allowed to buy sooo powerful and game changing boosts during a few days, why can’t players who missed the chance get the same offer?

As it is now, this discrimination causes huge frustration.


Was going to send this to Apple,

But I called them.

I got a refund for this.

Dear Support, This game have during the latest update from 1.6 to 1.7 included a new feature that’s been VERY PROBLEMATIC ! The introduction of ”boosts” have caused a lot of problems, a in-game mood where you can buy money (green cash) to boost you dinos to get better damage, speed and health.

  1. This boosts was sold to some players in UNLIMITED AMOUNT, a huge bug in the game, that caused the game to draw back the update, and then refound every singel player in the game the value of every boosts that coulden’t be sold during the time they where not purchasable.

See more information: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts Roll Back

After this drawback, the game sold this packages of boosts once again on the open market, but ONLY for a limited time (during a weekend)

  1. After this rollback, and when the offer just ended, their was a NEW BUG in the system, who causes some players again to buy UNLIMITED amount of boosts. See this video:

See this comment from Ludia: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Boosts Issue Recap (05/22)

During this time, MANY PLAYERS, even me, been discriminated because of all this problems.

The game is now unplayable because some players have boosted their dinos so bad.

While some players haven’t got the possibility to buy boosts during this limited time, we can’t keep it up and the balance is out of work.

This is a Huge DISCRIMINATION from this company,

I’m asking for a refound because of all this problem.



How can a bug in the coding discriminate? And the people who bought the unlimited incubators had their boosts rolled back, just like everyone else. If your gonna make that arguement then people below level 10 shouldn’t be allowed to buy Epic Incubators in the store cause having better dinosaurs gives them an unfair advantage

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You’re aware there was another way to get unlimited boosts earlier in the week, right? AFTER the rollback. So now some people have a ton and others have none because they were removed yet again from the store.

Get rid of them and find another way to make money.

Your argument assumes the unlimited boost sales were bugs and not cash grabs in Ludias part. Plus as mentioned above the same unlimited boost sale has happened again since rollback.

I believe it’s time for Boosts to go and all to be refunded. Alternative is exploit cheaters to be removed from the regular arena, tournaments and leader boards

Well, it’s a HUGE problem that only players with level 10+ got boosts and cash.

This is a hard slap in the face.

Players could get 5000 free green money, and some even more, To once again spend on boosts.

How huge will this difference become in the end?

Those players who now climb over to level 10 HAVE NOTHING !

How will they be competitive in the arena?

Their is a line between level 10 and 11 thats equal to maby 1 year of playing.

Or spend 100 dollars.
If the boosts come back.

Do they have a fun time right now?


Ok I didn’t know that yeah that’s something they need to sort out

The reason only level 10+ got the boosts and cash is cause that’s the minimum level in which you unlocked boosts the first time round

I think every player who climb from the level 9 to 10 should have the same advantages as everyone else in the game.

Those thousands of players will not have a chance in the arena.

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I also think boosts need some looking at, however…

this weak use of “discrimination” in terms of what they sell/offer is a sad way to address a real issue with weak trigger words. Selling something is discrimination against those that cannot pay for something and the type of discrimination that without it the world economy would fall apart. You can state a fine case without falling into the trap of trying to cloud the discussion with junk phrases like discrimination.


I do agree that they should have the same advantages but the boosts and cash were in compensation for the legitimate boosts earned and lost on the roll back. If you said that then people would cry out that “I’m almost level 10, I should get those!” There needs to be a cut off point

I hope if they do a rollback they give everyone the boosts they should have and only the amount of of cash they actually spent. No thousands of cash this time.

If you look at all this epic dna you can buy in the shop, this is avaliable for everyone all the time. They have never gone back and forth.

If you look at the boosts, they where only there for 2-3 days.

Players suffer hard for this.

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I’m not arguing the problem with the implementation, there are certainly problems.

Probably why the arena is unbalance…?

They gave away tons of cash.

The question now is… are they gone from the store permanatly or just temporarily?

Great question.

2 weeks since that huge boost sale (20+20+3).

After that players haven’t had a chance to buy nearly any boost.

How should people keep it up in the arena against those who bought?

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What’s happening?!

For how long should this continue??

Its discriminatory if they do nothing to compensate other players and or repair the bug.

I feel your frustration…I’m at player lv 20 with team of lv 24 of the best hybrids. I started with 4200 medals and now I fluctuate between 3500-3800. So ya I’m upset about the boosts. I think it ruined the game. I have about 750k gold and 8k game cash and dont know what to do with it at this pount…seems useless now.