Stop discriminate players - Give us boosts to buy or take them away for once and for all!

Just read this.

Could be a great alternativ!?

If this vas avaliable for every player reaching level 10 and not a ”limited edition” it would be more fair.

In other words you can buy those boosts when ever you want, if you want. And when you get money to spend.

@Ludia_Developers @Jorge


What’s happening?

Days and days and days go.

Just like to adde one comment to this intelligent thread… stop discriminate iPhone 6…lol

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This is how I think the boost system should be:

Reset everyone to unboosted. HC is refunded. Everyone is given the same.amount of boosts to that date. Boosts start as soon as arena opens.

Daily Battle Incubator has the standard 4/4/4.

Once a week sales of
3 stacks Attack
3 stacks HP
1 stack Speed.

Special events in which special sales of 6/6/2 boosts.

Everyone has the same opportunities to buy boosts. 2 boost reset points at lvl 10 and lvl 20 for boosts so players can change their teams without penalty.

I Wish they did.

And aswell found another way to get a income.

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To be honest, has boosts actually boosted their income? They are not selling anymore. Not selling resets either. So its a failed vash grab.

I think it’s more unfair to let people buy them in the first place.

Nothing is fair in life. It is what we make of it. If there was nothing to complain about this forum would have 80 percent less posts and only the constructive ones left.

Boosts arent fair
P2W not fair
Players playing countless hours a day not fair…

And the list goes on.

What ever happened to the threads that had some value for players on here?

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