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Stop Hiding Dinos

Hello there, I’ve been playing since over 3 years now. And always wondered, why do you hide dinosaurs? I mean, I know it’s part of the fun to go out there, see what you can find, but, maybe there is a dino a few meters away, or crossing the street, hidden, and I will never be able to see it, I can’t walk everywhere everytime.
So it wouldn’t be better to unhide the dinos in a certain radious? let’s say the radious of 150m or 200m if you are VIP. Even Pokemon Go has the feature which tells you “this creature is in this place” and you walk there.
That way I can go to the park on my bike and see a Dodo 100m away from I’m standing and go to there.
Sometimes I move a little and unhide 2 dinos at the time. Why I can’t see them if I am 10meters away?