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Stop increasing the required amount of battles in daily mission


I noticed that the required amount of battles in daily mission increased day by day, as long as I completed it everyday. Now it’s 37, I am a casual player, and I don’t want to spend all my spare time doing those battles over and over again, meanwhile I don’t want to miss the rewards for completing the daily mission. So Ludia, could you please keep the required amount of battles at a acceptable amount rather than increasing it everyday?


It caps at 38 and after it does, it only comes up every other day, if it’s any help.


I’m at 25–which is still too many. I’ll skip a few days so it’ll dwindle back down, cuz it’s just too much and not enough reward. Yep.


I stopped paying attention to the daily quests weeks ago.

I’ll regret it later when everyone has 200k Alan DNA, I’m sure

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They should just make it so it’s the players level divided by 2 for the amount of necessary battles. And for odds it would just be a 50/50 chance between the level above or the level below.


Jeez, I’m only at 15 battles a day and I’m already annoyed. I can’t imagine having over 30! That’s beyond ridiculous!

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