Stop introducing more raids

Remove raids because it is the only cause of unbalance,
If you want to make a creature arena viable then it became useless in raids;
Again, If you want to make creature raid viable then it become useless in arena;
And If you make it both viable then it becomes OP;
When Raids where introduced following changes occured:

  1. All Healers and hadrosaurs become underpowered in arena But they are important in Raids.
  2. Ceratopsians ( exept Ceramagnus) become useless in Arena and raids because all raid bosses and almost all creatures are Stun resisted.
  3. A lot of creatures got buffed and nerfed in each update since raids are introduced
    4.If they add more apexes the game will no longer a dinosaur game but a monster game.
  4. Also, Bosses of underpowered uniques(indoraptor & smilonemys) are too stronger in raids.
  5. 2 Raid bosses are enough for one day but we have 4 raid bosses each day, because of this each boss rarely spawn on map.
  6. Also, when people who use best strategies to defeat the apex bosses get only 15-30 apex dna.
  7. If they remove raid bosses so introduce something else for collecting the apex dna, make them exclusive showcase creatures.
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I can understand your points, they make sense.

However, primarily because the pvp arena is the least enjoyable part of the game for so many players, they had to do something to get people playing again.

The worry now is that in doing so and creating so many raids, they are becoming overkill, and will soon be as much of a pain as the arena is before long.

I’ve lost count of the players who have boosted dinos just for raids. They will try a Toura/Tryostronix/maxi/Gemini/ or whatever Dino may drag them through, fail, and put some boosts on to get it through. So it’s working as things stand for Ludia I guess.

What they don’t realise is how frustrating it can be for higher level players who spend all day and night helping lower levels through. In an alliance with a mixture of levels the top players may do upwards of 15 raids on the apex to help players who only have one relevant Dino. Of course they don’t have to, they could just say no. But when you’ve helped a few through it’s kind of cruel not to help others who ask.

So yes, the amount of raids is now getting crazy, and I no longer bother with most of them. But I help loads of others with the harder ones and it’s the most enjoyable part of the game for me until it gets too much. Sadly, the getting too much seems to get sooner as every week goes by, and I think it’ll keep getting worse as time goes by with the introduction of yet more raids.


Perhaps ludia should change the schedule from 4 a day to 4 week? Imagine the sino raid happening Monday, gyrpo Tuesday etc . Be far easier on players if they only need to worry about doing 1 raid a day instead of 3-4. Would also stop apexes from flooding the arena prematurely.

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Then unlocking mortem and all apexes will be way too long

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they could just make two counterparts for every dino, but that takes some time

They should instead make raid bosses more abundant on map

Agreed. Too many raids per day. Either eliminate the “easier” to get bosses like Sino or have a rotation schedule like another user said. One week there are max two per day followed by the next week of the other two per day. Having this many raids per day hinders trying to complete daily missions or hunting for specific creature dna. I’ll be picking and choosing which raid I want to do. As the leader of my alliance, and with a stronger team than most of my alliance, I am frequently called upon to help through the tougher raids. I’m willing to help but I get seriously over worked at times. I have to step away which upsets some players. My biggest fear is that Ludia will offer Apex incubators for sale and there will be an influx of Apex creatures in the game that no one worked to get.

That’s a separate issue… It’s easier to find 4 players who want to do a raid, than finding a player who has the boss available to start it. As far as I’m concerned, if Ludia want us to have so many raids, forget hunting for bosses, simply make us push on a button, get a list of bosses and click on the one we want to start… Winter is coming here, so having to dress up and drive/walk/run to get a raid going will soon be history and no matter how many raids they will add, almost nobody will do them anymore


That seems better.

I don’t really see the problem. It’s more PvE content for those that do not enjoy the arena and tournaments. Not everyone plays just to grind it out on the top charts and in the tournaments.

I havent been able to complete a single raid, and i dont want to, because the raids are just terribly designed and a joke.

To be fair, it’s not ‘mandatory’ to play a raid. I personally like the additions. Like stated above, some people don’t like the PVP, yet like the PVE. However, I can understand that it’s hard to encounter specific bosses on the map.