Stop it with the "join now" pop ups


Seriously, why does it pop up around every 30 min? It’s frustrating.


What pop ups? I’ve not seen any.


Yeah not getting this, ever. Are you talking about Jurassic Word The Game? I think they pop up there. Otherwise, you might have some malware.


No, there’s often a popup in game asking you to join VIP. It’s so irritating because it’s spontaneous and frequent.


yeah the join vip now popups every now n then when spinning non event stops should be like first time when logging in, but honestly not a big deal to me.


I am experienced this as well, after spinning orange supply drop, I am not really sure if it is every 30 minutes, I feel they are more often :sweat_smile:

I think once per session should be enough.


You know how to fix that ay…


I believe it happens mostly when you hit the daily limit? I recently hit my daily limit for the first time, and almost every other depot i spin, they reminded me to join VIP :slight_smile:


I am VIP so that explains why I’m not seeing it.


No, it’s definitely not that. I’ve only been able to go out an hour or so at night for the last few days, and it’s like every 4th drop. :roll_eyes: Very annoying.


Me sucede lo mismo y encima desde la última actualización no he podido cazar nada que valga la pena, para mi mucho trabajo os queda aún, menos tarbosaurus y basura, hebajado a 2700 en 3 días cuando estaba en 3200, es frustante, 1 velocireptor en una semana, si no cambia esto lo dejo, creo que solo vale el cach :astonished::astonished::astonished:


Basura y más basura🤔



It seems to pop up after I spin 10 stops. I then close it out, then spin 10 more, then it pops up. This is most frequent when I’m riding in the car and I have nothing to do but spin stops and look for rare dinos on the side of the road.

It is annoying. It should pop up whenever the app is first opened, and not continuously. I’ve been spinning stops and accidentally clicked the join now… fortunately I have in-app purchases turned off so I get an error instead of an accidental purchase.