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Stop Killing Jurassic World : The Game

Have bugs been fixed? Are players getting what they deserve for showing their support to JWTG? And most importantly, are your players, at least the social representative of the game which is in the Forum among others, satisfied with the changes you’ve been making?

There have been several bugs and glitches over the one full year I’ve been on JWTG. When one is ‘fixed’, another pops up. To name a few :

  • Victory animation cut to less than half.
  • Battle events reset, and CoT reset.
  • Battle stage winners of CoT not being unlocked.
  • VIP Buildings showing faults time and again.
  • No sound on Aquatics and Cenozoics, along with a purple shadow for some of them.
  • Game disconnect during login and taking first trades.
  • Discount time window and Boss Event ending earlier than expected.

Along with this, other factors I want to highlight once more :

  • Battle Stage reshuffle.
  • Playable Bosses.
  • Monotonous PvE.
  • Casual release of hybrids having components locked without a fair chance to certain players.
  • Absolutely horrible rewards on events as well as Tournaments with respect to effort (after a point).

What do we get for sticking with this game and our dedication? Playable Bosses shoved to us. Every new JWTG promotional content and loading screens have Bosses on them. First thing we get on opening the missions tab are B-DNA missions.

What do your post-2019 players get in exchange of taking interest in downloading and playing this game? Creatures locked behind hard ingame or real cash, with said creatures having horrible odds in events. Once a while something like the Gyrosphere Key Tour pops up luring post reshuffle players in an attempt to get their curiosity. And of course, bosses and their rewards.

And then we get things like Dimetrocarnus and Geolasmosaurus. Ludia knows and even acknowledges that players want these locked components but Earth Shattering and Thursday events are somehow not an option for these unlocks.

As for events, after one point of lineup building, keeping the reshuffle factor aside for now, why should the players get rewarded with Commons or Rares in daily events when they’ve built lineups having maxed Tournament Hybrids and Superhybrids? Are the rewards worth the cooldowns?

Almost every update I’ve seen brings with it a bug that’s fixed only after a lot of players bring up the issue on the Forum. Once or twice is okay, but these many times? Are these not being tested?

We are getting new creatures and my respect for that is undoubted albeit these new creatures being direct JWA copy-pasted ones. But where are the hybrids we want, scratch that, need? Where’s the amphibian glass canon hybrid to support Gorgosuchus?

With playable Bosses being the current centre of attention for JWTG, we can be sure that at least for some time we would be getting more Boss content than new hybrids, the former being a temporary fun and the latter being a helping hand in game progression.

With this I’ll conclude my rant, and I’ll say this one more — stop killing Jurassic World : The Game.


Whoa! This is good! :+1:


All sufference in a post finally, eh Ludia? Bomb JF’s thread of likes.


Well said, I hope Ludia Staff read what you wrote!


@Tommy_Paoli , you took the words out of my mouth.


besides, i liked the megatherium bug.


Completely agree

The bosses aren’t significant to normal gameplay but atleast omega 09 was something new and was fun at first
Juggernaut was just completely pointless so much more grinding and for what? Some health traded for attack which wasn’t needed since the missions were winnable even with omega

Sure it looks cool but the bosses are not worth the time and resources ludia is spending developing them, juggernaut is already useless and a 3rd boss will just make it worse. Please focus on other content.


I personally don’t have too much of an issue with the game it’s pretty good compared to some others I have played. Most of the bugs are not big deals and even when a reasonable one does pop up they seem to take care of it one way or another and also give compensation on top. Sometimes the bugs also allow players to take advantage of the game. Think Segno CoT last year, PvE that kept reseting after finish allowing you to keep doing it for rewards over and over.

They take care of help tickets in a pretty reasonable amount of time. Again another game I play I put in a ticket and another to get the game moved to a new device and this was months ago it’s a bad joke at this point.

The only thing I can get behind is some of the game play stuff. I don’t really enjoy the battles much but that is not why I play the game. Along with that some of the prizes could be better. However I thought about it for a second last night though and justified it in my head. As I finished my 1 modded pvp and landed on 40 DNA I felt ripped off and a little annoyed. After spending 100 DNA on 2 mods in the trade harbor and then another 260k coins for another and spending the DBs to play then winning 40 DNA I certainly ended up in the red on that one. But, then i figured well it’s like playing the loto. You might land on 40 DNA but it only takes landing on 1 spinoraptor or Rajastega to make up for hundreds of crappy 40 DNA prizes. Even on discount Raja is what like 20k DNA or close to?

People complain when things don’t go there way but rarely appreciate how generous it is to be able to win all those dino’s especially the hybrids from that prize lot. Same thing for getting additional compensation over what you are owed for a minor hiccup.


I’m sorry in advance if there has been any misunderstanding but I’ve listed nothing that personally bothers me, instead ONLY what I’ve seen either the entire community (Bosses issue) or a part of it (Post Reshuffle) is dissatisfied with.


OH no, i’m not “calling out” anyone. it’s more just talking generally.

Nothing is directed at you or anyone else at all sorry if it came off that way.

I also kinda lump myself into that group as well, like i mentioned, i was a little bitter last night about my modded reward but had to stop and think about it for a second.

I can definitely get behind the bizarre post reshuffle unlock issue. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Fortunately I don’t have to deal with it on 2 out of 3 games but on D2’s game she doesn’t have a few of the unlocks, Pyroraptor is the biggest annoyance out of the lot though


Not an issue. :+1:t3:

Since the Mosasaurus Clash Of Titans episode, I’ve made it a note to self that while providing a rant to put an opinion alert before what bothers me and just some others alone, or in cases like my Playable Boss posts, those that like I said bother a sizeable part of the community.

My main intention was to convey that Ludia is rushing so many features (and yes, bugs too… :eyes:), it’s like they are just not putting enough attention in making these updates. Now what with the playable Bosses being apparently the new king of JWTG features according to Ludia, even despite the community on the Forum openly expressing a distaste in certain factors of the same.

So did I, but when Ludia casually added Dimetrocarnus and Geolasmosaurus I was so shocked and also frustrated that I just had to include Post Reshuffle issues into the rants.


I don’t think I have elasmosaurus unlocked on any of our accounts even mine. It seems again a little silly and makes no sense. Why guard this along with a few other creatures so tightly? I don’t even want the hybrid for battle purposes its just from a collectors stand point. Similar with Pyroraptor and carnoraptor. Carnoraptor is a solid bang for your buck dino but you need to have a chance to unlocked the parents eventually. Heck make it a Pyroraptor tournament and make it hard who cares just give everyone a chance at it.


Of course, each one of us have it’s own view to the game. I am glad you are satisfied with it’s current status. But I do have an “issue” with only one part: “it’s pretty good compared to some others I have played”.
I think we should not be happy nor even satisfied with something just because it’s good compared to something which is bad!
There are plenty and I mean PLENTY ways to make things better in game - excellent list was made by Jurassic_Fury. Those are not made up bugs or glitches, they are very real. I think that every respectful company need to strive for the better product, better user experience - which would equal with better company result (profit).
That is not even remotely done by Ludia, unfortunately!


You know that will never happen


Everyone should strive to better themselves be it person or company no question there. I personally just find it difficult to be hard on a company that makes a game like this that is pretty good and people can play for free especially when I will not pretend for a second to understand the in’s and out’s of managing a company and or game like this. I only assume that it is far more complicated and difficult than I could imagine.

Plus people make mistakes, everyone does, it happens, whatever no sweat off my back


I totally agree
this game has been let down, for making boss, they are now not only focusing on bosses only but they are not focusing on the bug reported by the different member of the community

And let’s not talk about the fact that most of the creature released are unuseful, we did not got something good, a good hybrid since dimetrocarnus and aromata, nothing but cool looking but completely useless tournament creature, what we need is more amphibian, herbivore, common, rare, legendary and super rare!!!

we only have 5 amphibian hybrid, 2 are rare, 2 are legend and 1 are tournament
we only have 2 tournament herbivore and 1 legend(which sucks)
we only have 1 legendary pterosaur(which also sucks)

So we need 1 glass canon amphibian tournament hybrid, 1 balance super rare amphibian hybrid, 1 glass canon common amphibian hybrid, 1 tank tournament hybrid, 1 glass canon legendary herbivore hybrid and 1 really good balanced legendary pterosaur hybrid.


Do you know they read everything we write?


No, I wish


Segnosuchus, With that beast you don’t need any other herb hybrids below tournament. Then they added armormata to fill the balanced roll at that level.

IMO the legendary hybrids are all decent, but their cool downs are just insane and make them not worth it.

No arguing that we need a few more amphibs, mainly a common and a new tournament hybrid on the top


@Subxero11 @filip1971 I will agree with both of you here — as you both have made pretty good points.

We are not expecting the Game to hand us everything just like that of course, but what can be fixed should be fixed and what is unfair is to be called out. Our liking to JWTG still permits us to critisize it for the unfair or unnecessary factors.