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Stop lying about JWA!

For crying out loud the game was better when it first began and cheating was being kept in check! I loved the game then now I would rather play minecraft than play this hacker friendly game. I have told you guys to remove the hackers make the PvP/tournament fights fairer and I just seem to be ignored. The next thing I will bring up is the new pay to win that has been going on. Why would you betray your honest fair playing gamers who don’t buy (maybe because they live on a budget or the likes) your DNA incubators and who have hardly any uniques? I have only one unique and I get faced off against someone who has 5 or more uniques. Fair is no longer your tune and I can’t and won’t recommend this game because it’s all about the money now. I am playing less and less due to these problems I’m sad that I don’t love the game anymore.