Stop Making 4-Rounds Apex Raids and 3-Rounds Unique Raids

This is not due to difficulty but how pleasurable it is. New 4-rounds Apex raids and 3-rounds unique ones are just tyring. We have several things to do in the map, that’s great, but when you need to fight the same creature 4 times just because, it is quite boring. Even Mortem Rex with its 2-round raid is more enjoyable than a Hadros Lux with its 4 rounds.

Same with unique ones. Two rounds is fine. Why so many rounds? No reason for that. We are spending too much time completing all raids, completing missions, getting DNA. Oh my god, just stop it!

Stop making the game so very repetitive. Bring things and make them hard but enjoyable.


I’d go so far as to say nothing below unique should be over 2 rounds, and absolutely nothing should be 4 rounds. It doesn’t help that lux’s counter attacks make the battle last 20 minutes without errors.


These long raids are really taking the enjoyment out of the game for me. When you’re trying to help several in your alliance to do the raids, you’re basically spending all your in game time raiding. They really need to be shorter


At least allow us to speed up all the animations or something. Once you have the strategy down, victory becomes a matter of when, not if, and the sooner that when comes the better, especially when human error and connection issues can force you to have to restart, even if you disregard RNG.

If the extra rounds are an effort to discourage high level players carrying low level ones, just put a cap on the number of times each player can attempt a raid per week or something. It’s not like the minion incubator rewards are worth getting on their own.


A cap on the number of raid attempts would not be well received imo. Neither would a level requirement to avoid carrying.

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There is no reason to have 4 round boss battles besides annoying the player base.

3 rounds can be acceptable if the boss is worth fighting. 2 rounds is best since it allows more players to experience raids and beat them.

Why would Ludia want its lower level players to not experience every major aspect of the game? Seems rather backwards.


To make matters worse, the constant screen freezing is ridiculous when it happens during a raid. Not only the player himself suffers, but he feels bad letting the other 3 players down. With 4 rounds, the probability of screen freeze during the raid increases.

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I love how the community was annoyed with the hadros raid being 4 rounds, and they did well with the ceramagnus boss making that 3 rounds, which is a bit annoying but at least they made it easier. Then they release this guy with 4 flippin rounds. Ludia is just digging themselves a deeper and deeper hole honestly


Hadros was a joke. Ceramagus was about right. Then suddenly we have Gorgotrex which is 4 rounds and seems rather annoying.

Oh and we have a bleeder who kills you over time which is 3 rounds.

To me Ludia wants Raids to be the forgotten child of JWA given the bosses chosen. The 2 most simple to create hybrids for Legendary and Unique (also least useful). Some random unique bleeder and a forgotten counter superhybrid.

Erlikogamma was good. 2 rounds fast and useful DNA. In fact they haven’t messed up Epics yet.

Ludia forgets how raids if expanded properly sells boosts and builds a community.

PvP is not a sustainable cash cow given Ludia is just smashing players together and hoping in anger they quit? Boosts aren’t even being sold so dun even see why bother to make your player base angry but not able to spend 1000s of real money to buy 100s of boosts.

Oh, this is too true. I had 3 2500+ trykos in a row in lower gyro/upper library. Ludia screwed the pooch bigtime. I don’t know what went through their heads when they decided to randomly nerf some poor creatures like dimorphodon, limit proximity spawns (and act scummy by not telling us), the whole shores mess which is hurting people in gyro AND library as well, and adding longer raids. A sauropod could make better decisions I feel

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