Stop Making Raids so Long and Difficult!

Seriously. Look at all the raids we have currently, and the new ones releasing in a few days, or even just look at all the raids in general. Almost every Raid Legendary and above is 3 rounds or more, or relies heavily on RNG and demands the perfect dinos. Even both, on some occasions. Indominus Rex, Glyptoceras, Rinchicyon, Scorpius Rex, Andrewtops, Stygidaryx, Indoraptor, Phorurex, Gorgotrebax, Hadros Lux, Mortem Rex, Ceramagnus, Refrenantem, Haast Maximus, Hydra Boa. What do all these raids have in common? They either are super difficult, rely on RNG, or are super long. Maybe even all three categories, like the Gorgotrebax Boss. All of them demand so much time out of the players trying to do them, and it’s even more frustrating to reset after you fail near the very end. Raids should be fun and exciting, not boring chores you have to complete weekly. It’s so annoying. I get you want us to spend time in your game, Ludia, but this isn’t the way to do it. Nobody wants to complete raids that are super long and stressful every. Single. Week. For a YEAR OR MORE. It just isn’t fun. Instead have raids that are shorter but tougher, and less RNG reliant. No boss below Apex should have 3 rounds, and no boss should have 4 rounds.


I agree with you @SomeDudeOnTheForums and what makes it all the more frustrating is that when you’ve spent a year grinding the raids every week to build up the apex creatures they get nerfed!


I agree i am only 60 off making smilo and I used to use raids to unlock it. It was a two rounder so it was actually a fun raid but it’s leaving now. :confused:

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I have Smilo maxed, and working on Phorex. I am glad Smilo makes place for a new raid. I mean, it was there for over a year!


Just all the counter attack raids. Mortem is my favourite raid for that reason. 2 Rounds with 0 counter attacks.


Pretty sure that’s the whole point - I’ve said it elsewhere, but Ludia clearly want us to play for longer.

I do agree though, which is why I don’t take part in most of them. I’ll do Rinchicyon, Phorurex and Carno, but that’s it. Once I’ve unlocked the remaining Apex dinos, I won’t be participating in those anymore either.

Also - anyone else notice how surrendering the battle doesn’t always work, and you’re forced to continue despite the game claiming the battle is going to end…?

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You’re leaving them at lv26? Why?

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@GrzesiekBaker I can’t say I blame him as the grind to build them up only to see them become useless when they are nerfed is somewhat frustrating.

Not to mention the proliferation of other creatures coming along that make the apex far from apex in performance now by the side of them.


Yep. Ludia is clearly chasing the Session Length metric lately. Battles have gotten longer due to more creatures with stalling/healing playstyles (like the deer) and creatures with overly long animations (looking at you, scorp). Raids have gotten longer thanks to too many rounds, long animations, and counter-attacks that do multiple things (haast maximus is especially ridiculous).

Mortem is the perfect Apex raid, imo. It takes about 6-7 minutes if you have a good team. It’s not super easy (most carry strats are either long or RNG-dependent), but with a little investment (level 26 unboosted tuora or tryos) it goes just fine. Compare that to something like ref, haast, or boa that takes 15+ minutes… I can (and do) help multiple groups with mortem in the time it takes to do one of those other raids. I do not often help multiple groups with those.

The new Legendary ones are just ridiculous. The rinch only has a 70% win rate even with the best strategies and a properly-leveled (or even overleveled) team. Ludia, I get that you want us to spend more time in game, but this isn’t the way to do it – many of us just won’t bother with the raid at all.


@Castal I am honestly getting to the point where I might just not bother raiding any more now. For all the reasons you have pointed out and the fact that I have Morty and Hadros at 30 now so what’s the point?


I’ve quit raiding. They take WAY too long and almost always end up with zero to show for the effort. I’m 49 years old. I have 2 jobs and a house to take care of. I can only game so many hours in a day. And the raids are not worth the amount of time they take.


Looks like today’s new Andrewtops raid is the same – people are struggling to complete it even with high-level creatures. When they do win, it’s because of lucky crits. Whoever designed the newer raids did a terrible job.


Looks like the only worthy raid to do is carno recently.


I fully agree, the raids are becoming way to difficults for the rewards they give.

Apex i get, though it would be nice if Gorgo was less RNG based. We have lost so many games to random minion moves, and i have seen people take hours to beat it.

But more annoying is the Uniques, with over powered line ups. Raids in normal games do require planning yes, but most raids can be done without to much difficulty.

The newest Unique can kill most any dino just through the sheer amount of counter attacks, it gets on top of being shielded, and having distractions added on.

Uniques should only have 3 rounds, and one minion only.

Apex can be up to four rounds with 2 minions.

But goodness, i am going to stop raiding these dinos as sanctuaries for as slow as they are don’t frustrate me nearly as much as these raids.


Hey, and make sure all lower rarity raids are NOT HARDER than Apexes!


But what about the Megalonyx and Megalotops raid?

oh you mean for higher leveled players sorry

The perfect apex raid is mortem rex. You need high level creatures but it’s done fast and easily except for the odd run of bad luck. Ceramagnus is OK as well but a bit too easy. Gorgotrebax would be fine if it was only 3 rounds. Difficulty is spot on in my opinion, it discourages to carry low level players even if it is still doable. Hydra boa is fine, 3 rounds done in 5 turns, just need to avoid the unlucky critical hit, only the counter is annoying. Hadros lux, refrenantem and haast maximus are the worst, 4 rounds with counter attacks, you need to pray that no-one gets disconnected or falls asleep, at least hadros can be done in 8 turns but the other 2 are useless raids and so long to complete.


3 rounds should be maximum.
Anything with counter-attack boss should be 2 rounds maximum.

I get that Ludia want’s people playing the game more and longer, but with the Google issue joining raids going on for the last month I don’t see how they are encouraging people to play more.


Personally, I will help more groups with shorter raids… so I am probably actually spending much more time raiding Mortem than I am Ref or Haast; it just doesn’t feel like it because every Mortem raid isn’t 15-20 minutes long. Take note, Ludia.


Yeah, I feel like it’s counterproductive. I pretty much play or at least have the app open all day anyways, but almost every attempt at one of these new raids has made me close the app for day out of rage, disappointment, resignation, or whatever. And I don’t really plan on attempting them again for myself, much less helping others.

I am so, so sad that fun raids have been replaced by this nonsense.