Stop Making Raids so Long and Difficult!

All the counter attack raids are a pain… they are so long. Even Refrenantem can’t handle them. She starts bugging out in Round 3 badly


it takes me hours to find team, send/recieve invites, gotta restart the game several time because it gets laggy trying to send the invites over and over or just waiting for the team to come, the battery drains and the phone overheats, 20 minutes of trying to kill it and sometimes players make mistake because of the lagginess and also how glitchy the boss and minions are, showing or not showing the effects and the move the boss gonna make, game freezes or thows me out…
I AVOID gorgotrebax even if someone whats to help me get it. I hate that boss.

The new bosses are near imposible, they really want us to buy lots of boosts since levels are capped and to make enough damage or survive those bosses with lot of group rampages and minions with rampage/impact. And the minions! are super boosted, you can never be faster then them starting the raid wihout Tuoramoloch. and on legendary raids you cant used those essential creatures Tuora with its speedup and good moves and Thor with its powerful group attack (if boosted enough). The pigs dont do much damage…


The raids need some form of communication. Stop telling users to use discord. ALSO Dead is dead when a boss no longer has any hit points the round is over and a new one begins. Boss should not be allowed to continue to do damage once dead. What a joke, boy you programmers really know how to take the fun out of stuff.


In-game communications can never equal what discord offers, so might as well stick to discord.
A boss isn’t dead after one round. It just has a barrier, like an invisible shield to lose more hit points after a round. It could also be that a 4 round boss should show as 75% after 1 round, but they chose to visualize it like this. For the sake of game mechanics and strategy this is a great way to implement multiple rounds.

But yeah, raids are too slow. Animations could be sped up at least 3 times to make it more pleasant.

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I’ve never been able to even scratch an Apex Raid and I’m Level 20…I hate that you can’t enter solo with a team yourself like other battles.

If they did raids more like SW Galaxy of Heroes; i.e. you can enter by yourself with your own team and last for as long as your team lasts, but you get several chances and better incentives for teamed-up player teams (like higher DNA drops)…Iunno something like that…that would be better; gives more people better chances.

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Megalonyx/Megalotops is easy as heck. Just get two Irritators, a shielding dino and a Chomper, and it’s dead within 5 minutes.