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Stop manipulate PVP team startup LUDIA


I’ve made up with my final approach to Arena 7 and with only several wins to reach it. But I’ve beaten by some strange things:

1: 5% crit rate dinos crit me every single time when it’s a win or loss victory.

I never met such situation quite often: when I’m about to beat my opponent and he critted me with dinos which have only 5% crit rate. It happenned already 2 times only this morning, not to mention yesterday.

2: Okay I’ll live with the 1st one which may be explained by RNGeus. But where is my velociraptor??? I recorded and for the 15 PVP games passed, I only saw him twice and they were both against useless BOTs. I had 2 raptors in my team and hardly saw a single one. For this I had to adjust my team startup with 3 raptors, but still NO VELOCIRAPTOR while my opponent has one!

If you think velo is too OP then jus NERF it! STOP MANIPULATE PVP STARTUP!!!


I don’t think ludia are manipulating it.

I think it’s just bad luck RNG.


I suppose it IS bad RNG but what happened to me yesterday is rather hard to understand. I got the EXACT SAME team like 6 times in a row, I swear. Always the same 4 dinosaurs out of my 8. I’m not exactly complaining, it wasn’t a bad draw, but it was weird.


6 times in a row does sound odd. Maybe it’s not completely RNG after all and there is some sort of formula it uses…?


No idea, really, because most of the time it does seem RNG but last night it got crazy xD and the first matches I’ve had this morning weren’t exactly the same team as last night but very similar (maybe 3 of the dinosaurs were the same as last night). They were Rexy, Stegoceratops, Einiasuchus and Ankylosaurus so not a bad team at all but certainly weird.