Stop nerfing Dinos

Hi, I think Ludia has to stop nerfing Dinos. Would be more interesting if they introduce new dinos able to counter those ones.!!


I know,I haven’t been affected by any nerf but the skoona neef but honestly it was a buff that made it more balanced rather than a nerf,but I’ve seen a lot of people complaining abou nerfs and it is true
Highly used creatures like mortem,hadros,cera get a huge change which sometimes make them completely unusable after that
Either stop nerfing and buff others or add new creatures that can hold their ground against the old ones

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Exactly!! That is more interesting since the game goes forward instead of backward!

Thats what they’ve been doing, and that’s probably the reason why the meta is basically just the newest (and most recently buffed) uniques plus their few counters. Personally I find this to be one of the most limited metas I’ve ever seen in the game, and I’d like it if some of those top tiers were brought down a peg. Introducing counters only makes those counters viable, it doesn’t really help any other dinos. So it feeds into Ludia just cycling through a handful of new meta dinos every month. Like them or not, nerfs are a necessary component of any balancing strategy, and buffs and nerfs alike need to be implemented carefully.


I would prefer this strategy of creating counters for OP dinos over direct nerfs, but the thing is, the counters would likely just become as OP and as meta defining as the thing they were meant to counter was. Plus, this enforces a looping powercreep. OP dino is created, add more counters. Those counters become OP because they counter the OP dino, and will push out the original OP dino from their top spot and the counters will take the new title as OP. This becomes a loop, which causes a powercreep. Unless the counter isn’t broken like the thing it’s supposed to counter, (Which is unlikely, as they beat one of the top creatures, which will make them a top creature as well, along with Ludia constantly making OP abominations over and over again) or only works against that specific creature, then it’s unlikely that creating counters for OP dinos will be as good as direct nerfs. Maybe for some dinos, it’d be fine. But for the OP ones? They need direct nerfs. Creating counters would likely mean the counter becomes OP, and then begins a loop.


Now that’s something that I want to see

exactly! Your right!

If ludia never nerfed creatures then there would be so much power creep it would be insane, there already is a lot of power creep and I wouldn’t want more


This is exactly what they’ve done and now we’re stuck with busted things like testa and pho.

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To fix the meta, Ludia only has 2 good choices. Buff the weak, or nerf the strong. Adding more creatures will just continue the powercreep. If Ludia continues what they’re doing currently, Phorurex, Skoona and even Testa will end up underperforming, because new creatures will be the meta kings. Scorp G3 has already proven this. It used to be among the best in the game, but only a month or two passes and it’s in the mid to low end of the Low Tyrant tier.

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