Stop right now Ludia

strike events are one of the few things some players still enjoy because they are boost free, and now you made one with boosted creatures? i know it was only the rhino but it’ll will get worse if we just let that pass, soon everythig in game will have boost and they enjoyment will be over, so Ludia unless you want to kill your game even more STOP no boost dinos in strike events


lord lythronax? the goats? this isn’t new


Whats the problem 3-0 with utasinoraptor and aren’t ultra boosted

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those we april fools events

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what if next they have all max boosted because non one complained about it happening now?

The rhinos were boosted? I hadn’t noticed.


I can’t even reach the strike. It’s 3 streets away from my house.

only whooly rhyno is, it’s not crazy boosted but if we let that just go away they’ll keep doing it until even a max boosted team would have trouble

Only the Whoolly Rhino. The other two were fine. I was able to contend with that one with my level 21 Maxima, and she only has 1 boost on her health and attack. It wasn’t even that bad. The strike as a whole was relatively easy, wasn’t it?

Where have you been? The main dino has been boosted in strike events for a while. Started with the sino strike a while back. Lol. Anyway, I like it. Makes them a bit harder and more fun.

if they keep it one dino with minimal boost i’m kind of ok with it but what if they don’t, what if they start to bring all the creatures boosted to high lvls or even maxe, you may enjoy it but a great part of the comunity doesn’t

I’m happy with it.
Almost everyone has boosts now.
Nothing to fix.


Slippery slope fallacy.

Also happened with a sinoceratops strike a while ago i believe. Imo it’s not an issue, just because it adds more challenge to the strikes which is always fun

My Thor alone eliminated the 3 lol…

They are not problems for me, they make it a little more difficult and challenging.

I just hope I don’t find an T-Rex Epic event with maximum speed…

That’s my fear and reason for this post to warn players to not accept this or they continue and probably make it worse

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Until boost update (cenozoic) Master events was more difficult, so a little dificult isnt bad At all

Never even noticed, other than lord Lythronax and any other April fool’s boss strikes.

If it’s a expert level strike, I would hope that it isn’t easy.

Many of the expert level strikes are done with one Thor…

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I had no issues with the strike tower. I only lost one creature, my Thor. And even then, it’s probably because she’s currently unboosted.

I noticed when it had 49 health left and killed my I rex. All I needed was a crit