Stop right now Ludia

People here are too close minded, let me put in a way i believe you will understand, imagine all strike towers beeing like the goat/lord lytronax and you not having enough boosts to complete them, i know it’s not hard i did it no problem, the point is this need to stop here before nothing is archivable without having tons of boost in your hands

It’s almost like you all want to be abused by ludia…

Ok. C’mon, dude. Even Ludia wouldn’t do that. They’re not stupid or anything. Sure, they don’t always make the best decisions for the game when it comes to longevity, but even if this game were run by a company like EA or something, they would be able to see that doing what your suggesting could happen would not be a good business decision in the slightest. I doubt they’d ever let it get to the point where all strike towers are literally unbeatable.


“If we allow x then y might happen therefor we shouldn’t allow x” is a literal logical fallacy.

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I think they are doing a good job of balancing it vs the player base so far.
I expect them to continue.
You got to admit, they are kinda easy and most do them while folding clothes and stuff.

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I have to admit that I didn’t realise they were boosted either!

But I would say this, I play unboosted on my secondary account and I think I got lucky beating the rhino strike with a crit from my Tryostronix on the wooly rhino.

At level 16 I would hope to have a chance against most strike towers, and I was surprised I struggled as I did earlier.

So should Ludia apply boosts on the opposition like this?

As pretty much anyone who battles epic strikes will have boosted dinos in their line up, I suppose it balances out and makes for a better fight for them.

And for people like me who choose to play unboosted, I suppose that’s our choice. We take the ups and downs, so it’s even more of an achievement when we beat it now.

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Hate the idea of tainting the strike towers with boosts, they should be phasing them out not further ingrained.

Just another push to force players into boosting.

Obviously Ludia never learns…

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Aparently players don’t either you can see them praising the idea…

if there’s a certain difficulty that the master strikes are supposed to have, i can see why Ludia added boosts to some of them. They probably looked at the numbers and decided that they were too easy. i’d prefer master strikes didn’t have boosts in them tho. make it harder with better creatures.

They could just have boosts disabled for Master Towers, this would increase difficulty also =)

it would for those who rely on boosts. but for those with full lv 30 teams, they’re a walkthrough. I guess they could add another class of strike towers with decently boosted stuff and leave these other master strikes alone. i don’t think that solves the problem tho.

A while back I suggested they have an option to disable boosts for an added challenge, those attempting towers boost free would get slightly better rewards due to the increased difficulty =)

I am welcoming boosts in towers. They have become so easy.

Why is that a problem? Would you rather not be able to complete them and lose free dna?

Key word is free DNA. I would much rather earn it.


If Ludia decides to overboost.essentially the hardest tower every week, then we the days where some players couldnt beat the master strike.

So far we havent had a Master Strike with a major pain Epic except ProceRat and Edmonto. Lets not get too hasty and condemn Ludia making it a bit challenging. My son who doesnt know how to play properly ran over the tower with 1 Ardentistmaxima and it didnt even lose half its health.

Some challenge is needed. Not insane amounts like the pre-boost days but it shouldnt be that towers are a formality.


I would have wo n the thing but I accidentally used lethal wound on rhino when it has like 30 health left,I got lucky with The brontotherium being all Defensive Stance though.

This is one of the methods to earn it .

Exactly earn it. Not just be able to beat with any level dino.

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I think the intent when they first came out a year ago was to give a degree of challenge.It was not.intended to be a formality for the top 70% of players to beat.

It is currently too easy so a ramping up of the challenge is needed. But it has to be balanced not the extreme you suggested.will happen but also it shouldnt be something a kid could beat just using 1 Low Tyrant spamming highest attack.