Stop Selling Boosts

Boosts were a bad idea from the get go but I applauded when you rolled back. That said, continuing to sell them every other week is completely undoing that. I get it you want to make money and that’s fine, but do not use a mechanic that upsets the game balance such as boosts. Staying on this road will only lead to another JWTG ghost town where only hackers hang out. Please consider what you are doing for the long haul when it comes to JWA.


Were pretty much “on rails” at this point. Set it & forget it, par for the course.


If boosts are here to stay, then I think it’s better if they sell it, so we can max our creatures as soon as possible and these stupid things stop making such a difference.


Remember to get out there and hunt!


I already feel the effect, it’s the second thoradolosaur I kill … followed by a low level carnotaurus and an allosaurus😕

I agree with this unless they are offered at a rate that far exceeds what can be obtained through normal play. Any way they are relased the sooner many of us reach the tier 5/6 range the sooner it all evens out and goes back to dino levels.


If they hadn’t already, Ludia have certainly now made it clear they don’t care how their players feel about the game. I assume they must be making a profit somehow? Many have canceled VIP (myself included), and a vast majority appear to be addicted and no longer actually enjoying the game (myself again included). This whole thing is just such a bummer, I really used to love this game.


Soon everyone will have a whole team of 5/5/5.

And then?

No difference?

Or the THOR still out of control?!

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Stop selling boosts!

Lydia: Yeah we’ll get right on that :smirk:


Wrote a huge post but it got autoflagged and will probably get removed so here’s the facts. Yes, and it always will be until this game dies. Most of the people who play aren’t intelligent enough to understand that speed boosts will never even out, middle speed (think 117ish, monosteg, etc) dinos will become dogfood for these thors because people will have to clamor to keep their fast dinos fast, you cannot keep your tank dinos that were previously faster than the thor that way anymore. It will NEVER “even out” before this game is dead.


I’m tempted to get myself banned and remove the addiction root and stem. They rely on you getting invested, I’ve spent around 200 on this game before boosts, and then go full on predatory (see boosts). Gambling is regulated, currently these mobile F2P games are not, yet they use the same predatory methods, it’s all about getting that dopamine rush. If some of the MTX regulation bills get passed in the US companies like ludia are dead in a ditch, good riddance.


Remember, Ludia got their start with online slot machine apps, that’s what they specialize in, online gambling. Its not about quality, its about buyer spending analysis. Marketing drives development, just look at the glass door reviews. Why universal gave them rights to JP is mind boggling but its not going to last much longer, do yourself a favor and save your time and money


once a week im fine with aslong as its not everyday.


I agree on this point, it will never ‘even out’ as some people are saying. MM issues and creature level aside:

Users who purchase/play for all available/sold will be at the top of the food chain. Then will come the users who purchased ‘some’ of the available. Then the users who purchased none and only have what is available in the game. Then there will be new members who have none to start off with at the bottom of the food chain. No matter how hard the lower level folks try, they will never be able to compete with the first group. The ability to accumulate enough to be at the same level will not exist. They cannot go back in time and purchase what was offered yesterday kind of thing. It is a cumulative gap.

I do not think they will be able to distribute/sell them fast enough to find any equilibrium for a long time, if ever. That magical ‘everyone will be Tier 10 boosted’ is going to take a lot of time. Between now and then, we will be dealing with exactly what we have been, chaos.

Also between now and then, the meta will change. New Dino will be added, movesets changed etc. Boosts will have to be purchased/available to level those up to replace the ones now less desirable. You think having Mono nerfed into oblivion was bad? Wait until a level 30, tier 10 boosted critter becomes non-meta. This is inevitable also. Ludia will have to keep evolving the gameplay to keep users spending.


tier 6 to 7 things even out. the next teirs are expensive and make little difference. you accumulated the biggest gains in those first 6 tiers. the players who will feel it the most are the ones that didnt invest.

they’ll just raise the tier cap so they can sell more boosts lol


Crit and Armor boosts also.


cant wait for those 80% crit thors with 40% armor with almost 6k health


Frankly I completely lost interest in going out and find dinos now. My hunting time is now 1/4 compare to what I was spending like 4 weeks ago.


Same here buddy, if it’s not in range of my home or work, it’s not worth darting anymore