Stop Selling Boosts

you guys must have all level 30 dinos. congrats!! and you must be top contributors in your alliance too i bet😁

Yeah its never going to even out especially for new players.

We have a chance to catch up but new players will be stuck in ss arcadia for a year with no where to go. And people say the long time players deserve it. But how would you like being stuck in mt sibo because you didn’t get the boost rewards of the rollback and can’t purchase until you are lvl 10.

That didn’t happen to us.


Why so they can get they can get the same rewards we’ve gotten for the past 3 months or however long it’s been? What sane human being is out there grinding to 30 when you can do just fine off of events and boosts. People aren’t darting for a reason, ask yourself why that is

Sales are ok, just don’t see the point in more sales of attack boosts, as players struggle to boost dinos health and speed to be able to counter those Thors.

More health and speed won’t counter the Thors, if anything it will make them worse as everyone will be able to afford a speed thor around 135 and boost their fastest dinos with the rest, speed is a game breaker which a lot of people don’t really grasp


Second TS’ point PERIOD

No, this is so horribly wrong. Even if you think damage and hp “evens out” at 6 to 7, that’s still a noticeable increase for payers. It’s not negligible. Why this is such a horribly wrong statement though is speed, EVERY speed tier is a game breaking boost to certain dinos. Even the tiniest most “not worth it” speed bonus allows an indoraptor/magna to outspeed the 129s and tie the 131s. It allows utahsino to speed tie the 129s and its little brother to outspeed them. Going to 8 and 9 nets you massive 9/6 speed boosts. This is about as far from “even out” as you can get, do you really think they’re never gonna sell speed boosts again? They’re riding a crashing train and they’ll get every ounce of cash before it’s dead as they can, just look at the coin sale before they added boosts back.


umm thankyou for expressing YOUR concerns. As for ME. i will continue to try to meet my goals. yes, it all evens out… you know how many matches i lost today due to speed as opposed to rng??

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I’m not expressing my concerns I’m correcting your statement that things “even out” because they do not. If you are meeting your “goals” good for you, but I don’t really care, just trying to correct misinformation

More speed and health will help countering Thors. Distractors need health to survive those crits as best distractor is locked behind arena exclusive dino for many of us.

Speed will help to boost slowers to be faster than Thor. That way you get guaranteed hit and can slow Thor for two turns. Monostego can even force opponent to use IC.

there is no misinformation. its facts… sorry your poor dinos wont be natural speed untill maxxed boosted. idc either…

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LOL sorry was looking at the wrong data, tier 9-10 is 4 speed not 2…so all those superuser whales out there will be able to get their utinrex (or whatever that tumor face looking thing is called) and above to be faster than the whole 129 tier. And again, yes, Ludia will be selling speed boosts again, I guarantee it. It makes no financial sense for them not to given that they clearly have no intention of increasing revenue by bettering the game. Look at how boosts put new players permanently and irreparably behind and that is plain.

I think you should look up fact in a dictionary because “evens out” has nothing to do with facts or numbers, and it’s clear you don’t care about game balance. You’re just a sad man who will accept whatever he is fed because he practically lives on these forums. Don’t worry, metahub is in the same boat, they’re pretty much tied to the JWA mast, hence their silence on the state of the game

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HAHA! Burn. Love it.


look man… sit and complain all you want… facts are facts… dont get mad at me because your team doesnt compare to top tier teams… EVENtually it will :grin:

What facts are you even talking about lol, and why on earth would you think I’m mad at you. If anything I pity you

Not exactly true. Boost aren’t the main reason that new players fall behind a wall. St. Patrick event put newcomers behind a wall. Boosts are pretty much useless if you don’t have best dinos.

I don’t see boosts as a disaster at least not for now. Just really don’t want to see armor and crit boosts. With dinos that already have 40% crit chance like Thor this would break the game. Unless they add some attacks to lower crit rates.

i dont need your pity man… who are you to give me pity… if anything i feel pity for you because you are obviously displeased and come here to cry…

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as you can see here… once you reach 6 or 7th tier, you would have already accumulated a huge percentage of the stats changes… then the grind starts and the next changes will take alot longer and will not be so huge. why is speed so much more different in your eyes? i like the speed changes… means no speed ties, uniqueness untill it all EVENS out…

it all comes down to complaining… complaining from the lower arenas because of their situation… complaining from middle to low level aviary because of matchmaking… complaining from top arena players because others are exploiting boosts to out perform them… and then there are those that can find a way to be happy and enjoy the game. because why would you play a game and stay on a forum everyday if you are sad, upset, disgruntled etc… everyday…


When you’re not performing your duties do they keep you in a little box?