Stop Selling Boosts

hunting time… have fun in poisonland…


Lol good luck fighting “the power.” Your cries will fall on deaf profits.

While Patera is usually a pita, you Johnboy have taken the top spot. :trophy:

His point is that when most players stop speed boosting their Thor at Tier 7, they will even out. Your stubborn “NO U R WRONG” is just making you look silly.

Mobile games profit off of addicts and hardcore players that take unimportant things too seriously.

If you hate the game so much, then uninstall and leave the forums. It must be too difficult to flip that switch, cuz you just keep going with more zeal. I look forward to seeing how crazy the next few months get. I bet the game survives.

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Keep the boost coming! This is fun


Totally! I just made my Utahsino 7/6/6 with todays sale. and leveled it up to boost it more! Love that beast

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Honesty this game was getting really boring before boosts. If you don’t like it don’t play the game, Simple. But I get the internet is for complaining soooo lol

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and what times do you battle??:sweat_smile:


thats usually what it comes down too on this forum… the keyboard toughguys have to belittle people… grow up son.


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Why would he keep getting up to get slapped again and again. Must have been really committed to making that video. :rofl:



Around 10pm Pacific. Right after the daily reset happens. 4300 trophies, but with the boosts and Dino levels I think I averaged out at level 26 unboosted for matchmaking. At least that’s what the AI throws at me if I ever get one of those matches :sweat:

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of course. and close this forum, because the simplicity is like: play in silence or quit without discuss anything.

anyway… its clear boost will stay. then lets make a lemonade with these lemons.


Oh man I love lemonade! :tropical_drink:

Of course everyone should voice their opinions on the game. Because if you play it, you care about which direction it goes. A lot of people are salty about boosts and basically the overall game since 1.7… I do hope that Lydia addresses everyone’s concerns and doesn’t just keep on this cash grab Bonanza they have embarked on.

It’s just insane.

How a whole community can accept it?!


its nice when together with this supermouse, i found a lvl 27 135 speed thor odinson, a lvl 30 boosted suchotator, and so on… what my poor average lvl 22 can do? dodge, cloak, dodge again, cloak again, then dodge, dodge and dodge, so cloak once more.

beloved new matchmaker


I just want to express my frustration…

I started playing this game last June. I know my way around the game. I win and lose in battles, and I know the ecology.

In the past weeks, either it’s the stat boost, or the matching algorithm, the battles are now broken. I was in 51xx trophies, and now 47xx.

I just cancelled my VIP. I will let my son to continue playing it, and Ludia may still collect money from the ads I watched. Otherwise, you do not deserve my money anymore.

It was fun while it lasted.


Losing 400 trophies was normal in the old matchmaking too… Just saying

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Can’t believe people are actually still playing mwahaha how hooked can you be!? Then again when you have spent enough money for a cheap car on something some attachment is formed! Regardless of whether that thing becomes a steaming pile that isn’t even recognizable anymore. So happy I learnt my lesson and switched games after paying a few g and getting trash basically for it. So much happier just having fun playing games instead of trying to compete with a leaderboard full of hackers !!! There are plenty of dino games on PC that are about having “fun” jwa is a straight up you like Dino’s? Yeah you like Dino’s gimme all your money and you’ll get a Dino it will be the strongest, 3 weeks later now you gotta pay me so your Dino is as good as it was last week, it’s snowballing into insert credit card for fun which isn’t a game at all in my opinion


I still enjoy the game
Never spent a dime on it
Don’t care about any stupid leaderboard


Just remember that by the time all these boosts “even out” or get maxed to 10/10, they will just add more tiers, then you will have to pay to boost to tier 15, and then tier 20, and then they will up the dinosaur level!

You will NEVER even out so long as they have the ability to move the finish line further away each time.

All that being said, if they simply removed the speed boosts or replaced speed with armour we would actually have strategy back, because it would then matter what dinosaur you used!

Thor being faster than Velociraptor should never be possible! The big hard hitting chomper were made slow for a reason!

Edit: Also if they simply lowered Thor’s crit chance from 40% to the same 20% as Allosino it would be more balanced! Its when a dinosaur is critting virtually half the time when the OP comes into it!