Stop teasing us Ludia


There was a letter in my inbox and I ran thinking it was my prize! Nope an announcement about 1.4 :sob::sob::sob::sob:


There was no maintaince before getting prizes last time. Also took many days.

So 1.4 probably next then a few days to prize.


Probably 20 disappointment


Last maintaince took 2 hours. Then they said new update is populating app stores with 1.3

Im way less excited about 1.4 than a few days ago. But it’s new migration. The flying dino’s fly off and are much harder to dart. Scents etc.

Certainly won’t complain about losing 2 hours.


Yeah, I thought everyone was getting something, but there was nothing in my inbox. Not even this week’s event which may not exist because of the update.


Perhaps they will add surface to air darts


Maybe you’ll can get some new DNA from tournament incubator!