Stop the cheating


I am only losing match and for completely excessive reason.
I lost a match which I gained(won), because he(it) it is to end to bring the victory has my opponent, comma that.
I lost a succession of match because my opposite, placed that cost criticisms.
I lost several match in a row because the dodge of the for ever worked indominus .
I lost full of match because without any reason my opposite always attacks in the first one, while that speed is lower than mine!!! And it is not attacks which do it attacked in the first one.
I lost match because player uses the same attack repeatedly without time(weather) of refill.
If anything is made in the week I cancel my VIP contract. I am a victim of excessive(unfair) cheating and having never cheated I am that penalized by problem of it games


Get your money back! Ask for refund. Got my refund. About 10 minutes ago I just played. 1st opponent I encountered is not there. (Spoofer) It will be a long battle to get your money back. Email the tech support and google play and let your cc bank be aware of cheating being supported by Ludia…:roll_eyes::wink:
Best of Luck…!