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Stop the Crazy Pricing Strategy


When I first started this game the extra’s were under £10, within a week they were £20 and I admit I bought them all BUT now if I want to take part in any specials it’s costing £47.99! I am happy to pay to play up till this point I have done - I pay to play in a few different games but NONE of them require me to shell out £50 every couple of days to keep up. Your game is great but you are pricing me and most likely a lot of others right out of it! Last night £47.99 for a one time offer which included enough cash to buy the weekly special orange incubator - then today another special offer for an incubator with trex and raptor dna for the hybrid and THAT costs another £47.99 so in the last 12 hours you are asking me to spend £100 to get the best out of this game :scream: That just feels so wrong and now I am out. Yes I will play this game which I have already paid more than any other game into, but no more money will be put into it - you are now really overpriced in my opinion.


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Agreed! I have paid quite a bit as well but any little event or incubator that has the good dinos are getting more and more expensive :frowning:
Theres honestly no need for it… I bet if it was less expensive more people would end up buying more in game cash :face_with_monocle:


Also agree. My husband and I have both been more than willing to do the $5, $10, $15, $20 and even $25 offers but once they got over $50 we were out. Now we’re both kind of stagnant in the game because he has so many dinos he can’t evolve without massive coin that would take weeks to grind just for one. We definitely don’t mind spending money on a game we enjoy playing daily but it’s kind of reached the point of ridiculous for us.


Yes, I total agreement with you. They are double dipping on coins by charging you to combine hybrid dna and again a flat coin cost of thousands to create that dino. (Side note…I did notice today that it did not ask for coin to create my hybrid. We will see upon upgrade if it’s really changed) also XP system is purely money driven. XP seems only given on the dino upgrade which is based on spending coins. XP should be given for all or most game activities. XP when you finish extracting DNA XP for upgrade or create is fine as long as you can get XP doing other activities. (Stop!.. Not for walking like P.Go) :grinning:


Oh and I forgot about the Nigerian scam that is You won an incubator for winning the match but you need to wait 15 min to 24 hours to open it. If you don’t want to wait you can spend money but we are only going to allow you to hold 4 at a time so we can force you to not play our game or pay to open early. You should gain some form of XP in battles win or lose. You should also not be penalized/forced to lose an incubator because you chose to wait for one of your 4 slots to open.


I definitely woke up to a bit of an insult this morning when seeing the incubators for carnivores (and the one with the adorable little green one, what is that cute little munchkin, anyway?) and decided I might outright buy one… but at my level (since it scales) I’d have to spend over $40 for the cash to purchase just one incubator, in which not enough is guaranteed for anything I know I’d want.

$40 is a new game… not a meagre chance at MAYBE one of the dinosaurs I need.

I’ve bought three of the one-time offers now because they were what I’d consider reasonable. Looking at the rest of these prices for a MOBILE game which, while graphically beautiful and took time to develop, is very limited in functionality, I can’t fathom why anyone would spend that kind of money on a phone app.

I’m more than happy to consider the one-time deals since so far, except for one, I thought they were reasonably priced. I’m disappointed that they’re tied into events that for me have now slowed down to a crawl (Arena 4 is apparently more my speed, so getting to Arena 5 will be awhile and at level 7 I don’t evolve or create as much as I did when I had very little) so I won’t see many of those deals anymore, but the alternatives are overpriced to the point of being quite literally disgusting.



I skipped the level 3 one-time only deal as I’d only just started playing so it was too early to tell if I liked it enough to drop cash on it.

But I bought the level 4, 5, 6 & 7 offers for £1.79, £4.59, £8.99 & £18.49 GBP respectively but am guessing the next one will cost even more so I’m out.

I’m just going to stick to the VIP membership from now on although I’m reconsidering that as well…


one time offer, that end up being ever increasing in price, how that a one time. And let’s be honest it’s not that useful.

Vip that is of no use for the price.

Stop paying if everyone did the they have to change how the price things. To me the only should be a VIP offer which you get a bonus each month, and that it.

Or no VIP but low cost extras.


I only bought the one time offers up to $20 and have seen some offers using your in game cash. But honestly, most of you guys keep complaining about it, yet have you seen any forum members from this game contributing any comments or input on your concerns? No.

Simply put, either pay them to get your stuff, that most likely won’t yield the results you are looking for or don’t pay them anymore and grind away at the game till you get bored or they realize no one is paying them these upcharge prices and maybe they’ll start fixing the game.


I can’t speak for others, but for my part I comment BEFORE I get bored and quit in the hopes that, if they see my concern as valid, it’ll change before it gets that far. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m more than happy to toss smaller amounts of money at a game I’m enjoying, and through the one-time offers they seemed to be perfectly fine taking my smaller amounts of money for stuff. I’d just like to see more of that and less of the overpriced stuff.


Sadly, the one time offers climb up really high too - I think level 8 and 9 were around £22 and level 10 was £47.99

I guess I am going to be taking it slow without any extras until such a time as the prices are more reasonable :wink:


Yes you are right, I have stopped all monies into it now - it shall be the slow speed for me from now on. No new dinos, no speeded up incubators and no special offer incubators either. I wonder how long it will keep my attention now, lol.


Great beautiful game, but now I realize it’s only for the rich. Oh well, back to Pogo


ok nevermind still double dipping on hybrids as well.


The problem is I have played other games with the exact same pricing system! People spend $thousands of $ to get ahead because some people can. Alot of the games are addictive so ppl will spend to get their fix. This game seems similar in that people will pay to get them dinos so as to get ahead. It is sad. But while people pay the common people lose out. For 47.99 the ps4 version Jurassic world evolution is available where u can build your own park without any added costs. Thats where my money is going. I also paid the first 2 pricws 1.79 and 4.99 or whatever it was. The most ill pay woupd be £10 from time to time cos we all play as a family but other than that as mentioned the game is limited


@captainnewbs Did you read the reviews on evolution? It’s so bad with the repetitiveness just to unlock 42 dinosaurs won’t leave you feeling satisfied in the end. Pass on it. :wink:

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It does make me laugh when people who pay to win, and know doubt have given it large on how great they are, start to moan that weapons of mass destruction are unfair and cost to too much.

Let’s re phrase, oh I can’t pay to win anymore and have to play the game like all the other folks Boo bloody hoo!


Without people who pay for in game extra’s there would be no game for those who want to play without buying them. If we all stop buying packages with their hugely inflated prices then their revenue dries up and nobody has a game to play anymore. We are saying we are happy to fund the game but not at the current cost. It’s in the devs best interests to rethink their pricing strategy and keep the paying customers happy to part with cash.

P.S. I loose just as many battles as everyone else, the battle arena configuration is pretty well written.


Whilst people pay they will keep jacking the prices up.
VIP is totally not worth it.

Also interesting that whilst the forum seems to be moderated - no MOD is weighing in with any info or comment on this discussion - Not listening to their player base at all regarding issues.

Hmmm me thinks limited time left in this one.