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Stop the Drax in its uncanonistic trax

So here is the thing about the drax. If I have something that is faster and I do the instant special why does a drax come in and attack first? This should be the one thing that stops a drax in its trax. Example: If I have a Utasinaraptor and I do the instant stun attack. Someone brings in a drax with a speed of 109 its instant attack should not come in faster. Just like if a Utasinaraptor is fighting a Allasinusaurus and they both use their instant attack the Utasinaraptor instant beats out the Allasinusaurus’ instant. So why if a drax is picked , does the instant of the Utasinaraptor become irrelevant and void? It only makes sense for this to be the drax kryptonite.
It would be unintentional luck since the other players wouldn’t know when this anomaly would take place, albeit giving a fighting chance to the player with the obvious right first attack. I say give the drax this weakness, this is the only logical option and falls within the canon of the game.

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Donno what’s ludia is thinking and other players who like dracoceratops, if this is acceptable then why don’t other Dino’s have abilities like this in the legendary and unique lists tier. Swap in stun, swap in nullification, swap in defense etc does no damage, so these should be changed to swap in stunning rampage, swap in nullifying impact, swap in short defense etc, then we people accept the ‘no strategy’ of dracoceratops. Finally in the battles instead of attacking, we players keep on swapping Dino’s…best ever game play…


Hey ludia, how about swap in rampage and run, lol…a very skilful tactic…