Stop the Evasive Nerf

I know it annoys a lot of us JWA Players here when a battle is down to RNG to decide whos the winner. And while that might be annoying, even for me, I still believe that evasive moves dont deserve that nerf, they are meant to have a 50% Chance to dodge that attack, if they carry out the new evasive mechanics, itll just be plain useless, I mean why would you still take the 50% chance, when you know you would still take damage even if you dodge. Now I know some want this, and some dont, and I respect that. So i created a poll for Ludia to see (And I hope they see this, @Ludia_Developers ) what we players really want. For @Ludia_Developers the reason why we didnt use the new hybrids/creatures that are counters for these evasive-dependent dinos, is because most (or I think all of them) are hard to get (mainly the hybrids being made from Arena Exclusives) or are just plain useless in high arenas (Ex. Monolometrodon). So please help me stop Ludia in applying this particular nerf, or dont.

  • Stop the Evasive Nerf
  • Dont stop it
  • We’ll see how it plays out
  • I dont care

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Playerbase: RNG is out of control 90% / RNG is just fine 10%
Ludia: Ok, we’ll reduce the impact of RNG on one of the most RNG heavy elements of the game
Playerbase: Stop the Nerf 90% / Go Ahead 10% (adjust according to latest poll results)
Ludia: :roll_eyes: sigh


Ludia: Nobody was using Nullify or Precise so we had to nerf Dodge
Players: But dodge was not a problem, that’s why we didn’t use those tools
Ludia: Too bad we still nerf it
Players: Well, you know that now, nobody will care about Nullify, Precise or Dodge
Ludia: Dang, we have to nerf something else now because nobody will use those anymore…


Insert that Filthy Frank video fitting for the situation here

Hmm…you can add more creatures with precise/definite moves.
Or let us have enough source to level up such creatures (ex: Erlispynix) until fair level, thus able to fight against evasive creatures.

Nerf evasive without HP buff as offset is not the way you do balance.


They changed Monostegotops’ fast attack too. And it could have removed cloaks.

If this update is trying to be a fix for something, then I’m sorry for ever complaining about anything that was wrong with 1.7, because I would rather be stuck with it for the rest of my life than deal with 1.8.

stop the nerf? yes, but only to get rid of evasive/dodge entirely.

using evasive/dodge is basically admitting you’ve been beaten, outplayed, out leveled or are in a bad situation where your only chance is to pray you get bailed out by a random number generator that is totally removed from either player’s influence. gonna have to… wait for it… win on your own now :scream:


Same goes for crit

Also just use nullifiers against dodgers

It’s like oh no I have been put against a dodger what do I do I didn’t put any nullifiers in my team… Going to have to… wait for it… cry on your own because you didn’t find them annoying enough to put a counter in your team.

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I use evasive stance exactly like this.

Basically, let the game decide if I win or not. It’s all on the game, not me nor my poor opponent.

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I’ve never liked the evasive or cloak move so I would have sooner seen it removed rather than just nerfed . But hey , it’s better than nothing so I say it’s a good thing :smile:

Just curious: what tier-level is your Thor?

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Just curious… how does your team look like?

yes those need to be gone too.

everyone knows this. do you have 5 nullifiers on your team? no. so you are not certain to get one in-game even though you know how to counter dodge. then what? :no_mouth: exactly…

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I have 3 nullifiers so I’m good

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I’d say just damage reduction of 66% for 3 turns and that’s it. If you still take damage after you dodge, then dodging is really useless as you have to waste 1 turn to use that dodging move. If you dodging is kept it the way it is in the update, then it should have damage component to dodging moves.

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and not if, but when you dont get one in-game, how do you counter dodge?

do you sit there and go “well the CPU gave my opponent 3 free turns going 3/3 on dodge… guess i’m terrible and they’re the best player in the world”? :joy:

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But then what would they give Erlidom? Ferocious Strike? Ready to Crush? She’s got to multiply her damage somehow since she’s squishy.


I’m not too fond of the nerf ngl but I think we should wait it out and let the update play out for maybe a month. If it’s still causing issues then we riot lol

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I’d like a parry mechanic which is quick time swipe based and can parry/deflect an attack fully .

But depending on your speed opponents speed and attack type would make it harder and harder to do. If they out speed you it’s hard you out speed them it’s easier. If they use a definitive then you have like no chance.