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Stop the hackers!

So I am at lockdown. I fight a high level paramoloch and an indominous. Why do hackers exist!

Edit: this community is bad af

Those are not high level, nor is this person hacking merely bc he’s in your bracket. He could have simply dropped brackets because he felt like it. He could be in a higher bracket but within 400 trophies of you and you got matched with him.




This is normal dedicated player.
One way to avoid matching with high lvl players is to cancel searching if its going long.

Having indominus in lockdown is normal I guess.

I had Indominus rex when I was level 13 also =/

I also find that level 18 gen 2 triceratops suspicious :face_with_monocle:

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My gen2 Trice is level 11 and still have 33k DNA.
My Allo 15 has 38k DNA
haztegopterix level 1 and 41k DNA

It’s really normal but I wouldn’t had invested so much amount of coins in that dinos.

If this person was actually “hacking” as accused, they would almost certainly not be running irritator g2 or stegosaurus. I mean, with the ability to have any dino on your team as a hacker surely there’d be better choices?

This looks like someone who lives in local 3 that is spending all their coins/dna levelling up random dinos.


Nah…it would have been really suspicious if he/she had a level 18 KOOLA. :joy::joy::joy:

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Low blow bro… low blow :joy:

(Hahaha and obvi joking about the trike … it’s crazy common and this guy/gal must’ve just liked it :man_shrugging:t4:)


Not every person having some legendaries is a hacker.
I had my Indom with lvl 10 and have four legendaries and am lvl 11.

Indom is more or less easy to fuse depending on your luck. Hunting velociraptors at night can bring you tons of needed DNA while Rexy appears sometimes and only needs to get darted.
I did not have the luck to get her fast, Rexy is damn rare in my area and I often had 10 DNA fuses so yeah.

Paramoloch isn‘t that hard to fuse either. Stygimoloch is pretty good to get, I have her on lvl 15 already just because of those battle incubators. Parasaurolophus is a common but not often in my area thats why mine is only lvl 13.

I understand you, but this doesn‘t look like a cheater more like a normal player battling in low arenas.

@Hersh People forget that at times a high level epic boils down to lucky fuses. I just leveled up my indoraptor from 25 to 26 yesterday but I had a load of T-Rex dna which I started to fuse Indominus. Almost all 20 dna fuses which was very good. So I started to fuse Indoraptor and the first fuse was 90. Then a 50 and before I know it, my indo is ready to level up again.

Finding 120K coins is the problem now

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@Joe_Ng no no… you must be a hacker :wink:


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Worst hacker ever


@Stiffeno I have I.rex and I’m only level 11 (thank you Halloween!) :grin:

My team is similarly levelled (except I don’t have a Paramoloch) and I’ve recently got to Sorna Marches so it’s possible to have a team like that. But what a waste of coin on those Gen 2s. :unamused:

I had indoraptor at 23 when i was lvl 13 lol xd

Thank you (should you be alluding to moi) but flattery will get you guys nowhere.

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I had I.rex at level 11, throughout most of Lockdown and I’m no hacker. Knew it was an important Dino and worked hard on that fusion. Just got my fourth legendary yesterday, I’m L12 and float between Lockdown and Sorna.