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Stop the non-sense 15 on Apex

I am so over it, and ticked off every week when I constantly get 15 on Apex. Rather, what’s infuriating is to see others getting 25, or even 30 while I get 15. That is double, two weeks worth just to get what another gets in one week. And NO it doesn’t even out all the time. I have some who got Cera to lv 28 a couple weeks ago, and I am still 3 weeks away. I have NEVER missed a Cera raid, yet because of constant 15’s, I am weeks behind. The new Apex, don’t worry I got a nice juicy 15 on him already too. So much time went into that raid, and I got 15. The system I just don’t understand. Make the gap less please


I agree, I would rather have a fixed amount every week. I haven’t missed a week as well for ceramagnus and I am 2 or 3 weeks away from level 28 while I see many level 28 in the arena already. It’s beyond infuriating.

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Yeah that fixed amount should be 10 for everyone lol


Yea, I just don’t understand why there is a 15-30 difference. What does that do for the game? If two people do the exact same raid, how does one get 25 another 15. I really don’t get it. I mean, practically the whole game is random now, which for me is killing the enjoyment.


Yes, go for a fixed amount of like 1-2 and please also make player to work on them from scratch again.

Then at least we have a break from these nonsense apexes for a while.


Does the 30 exists I’ve never seen it for myself :rofl: but yeah I understand especially if you get two 15’s in a row.

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Should of just made it so u have to be lvl 20 and use a lvl 30 to enter

I got 9 on 2 hadros raids in a row and I didn’t complain ish
But I am only lvl 14

It the legendary tale of the mythical 30. Only the worthy eyes are permitted to lay eyes on it lol

The 30 I haven’t seen in a long time

The probabilities for the DNA you get from apex raids are the following.

15=25.5%, 20=51.25%, 25=21% and 30=2.25%

I think I had 30 once. Not sure though.

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It has been all 15 for me since Friday.

15 for Ref on Friday, Trebax on Monday, Hadros on Tuesday and Mortem today.

Guess it will be 15 for Magnus tomorrow and another 15 for Ref on Friday.

Totally agree with you. Beyond frustrating…

I would highly argue those numbers. There’s no way I get almost as many 25’s as I do 15’s. I went two straight weeks, 8 total raids of all 25’s.

all 15’s I mean, not 25’s… I wish

Ive gotten a 30 on cera before, thats only once

Screenshot_20210603-121056_JW Alive
Just got it today actually I must be worthy :rofl:


If someone were to play hardcore every week on Cera and get 30 each time it would be equal to 1050 DNA, thats barely enough to get you to level 29. At with 25 each time it’s barely enough to get you to 28. And all of this is just a hardcore player, which is might be a wee bit of a stretch, along with that you don’t always get 30, 25, or 15, so for people to get apexs to a high level it takes time, even unlocking it takes time, that’s the point. The 5% out there who are able to get Cera, or Gorgo to high levels are most likely super good or hackers. People who have Mortem and/or Hadros have taken a lot of time into it too. Keep working for it and you’ll get it, play the game to its point. Some people might get a higher reward sometimes, but that doesn’t mean quit now and pout about it. Keep playing and waiting, without a doubt in anyone mind that you’ll get what you looking for, not what other people are looking for, what you’re looking for.

I am Facing same Issue

Yes the so called ** Mythical 30 does exist ** i have received it a few times now when chasing the APEX dinosaurs in raids, it is more prevalent ( common ) than you realize .!.

For proof of this check out the pictures i have posted below as verification that the Mythical 30 does truly exist after all ! lol

Screenshot_20210325-101943_JW Alive

I’m with you on this. I don’t like randomness. I’d rather know I’m getting 20 every week so I’m aware of just how many weeks I have to wait before I can level my creatures. The randomness is nice when it’s in your favor – for example, I actually got the 25 I needed to level ceramagnus this week – but I’d give up those occasional good fuses for reliability. A couple of the bosses have given me more 15s than average and I’m 3-4 weeks behind some of my friends despite never missing a raid. That shouldn’t happen.