Stop this rng immediately NOW!

If rng doesn’t play favorite, then what’s the probability of failing to stun your opponent with your ability 75% while get stunned when they are merely 33%. With the average of 1 fail each game over 7 battles, I found this tiny change since the update nearly got me throw up. It’s extremely frustrating when you could of won couple games but you eventually couldn’t due to unfavorable rng, not once, as stated over 7 battles! Especially when I noticed where instead of I stunned the opponent, they ended up stunning me at defensive position when their dino’s level slightly lower than mine. In real life if one got 3/4 chance to hit the mark, then it’s literally less than 1/4 to fail, because you only need to land on one hit and the match is done and gone. But sadly now it’s weird in game that I more than usual to fail on stunning at first hit, despite it could be 3 straight hits at the mark henceforth.
I got stunned hard and critical hit at critical moment that is crucial enough to keep me from advancing to 4k arena. If you look closely at my team you would think I am already blessed to get to gateway to the top arena, but frankly this manipulating-like balancing system sucks! Is it like one day when I get my first unique dino, then the stunning won’t fxxk with me no more thus I won’t have given away so many victories of which would already get me to 4k by this time?


That’s the angriest I’ve seen someone on this forum.


lol… literally? lol


1, Failed to stun the hostile gorgosuchus, hence got 1.5x buffed armor shattering and lost the bayonet fight.
2, Failed to stun the hostile eniasuchus and led to his 33% stunning impact took effect on me, followed by another stun in a standard attack and finished my tragodistis off with the final blow.
3, Failed to stun a lower leveled stegoceratop who immediately stun me back in the upcoming hit. Despite I still managed to take it out but mine were dying, gave the opponent a big chance to bring in his second-hit gamewinner.
4, Failed to stunned the hostile trex to gift the victory away.

I somehow feel like if the matchmaker put me up against teams of unique dinos I am likely to suck it up and blame on misfortune. But seeing this failed stunning served like a outcome of game algorithm just kinda rage people out.


Rng is a part of every single game out there. Heck, it’s even a part of Go-Fish, a simple card game. You won’t find a game that doesn’t have some kind of rng in it, which only keeps the games interesting. All I can tell you is put the game down for a while and do something to calm down. Coming on here and complaining about the rng like everyone else has won’t do anything.


Stun has become the new annoyance since the upgrade I’ve found.


The intention is to let as many as possible know the great stunning effect isn’t like how it once was since the update. It can be dramatic if more has discovered it as a fact. And while I agree that rng is what keeps the fun, what’s the rng of failing to land the finish hit over 7 battles?

So you had bad rng and luck. It happens. I’ve had it happen to me plenty of times, before and after the update. You don’t see me complaining.


One thing I discovered a while ago is battling over and over again may actually mess with the RNG causing yours to drop. I try never to fight more than twice in a row.

Before I did this I would end up loosing 7-8 in a row and get upset at the game.

If you lose 2 in a row take a 10 minute break and come back.

Btw keep in mind the bots are notorious for having stun work 100% of the time.


i fought an IREX that was 6/6 on dodge. i’ve been stunned 5 times in a row by stegoceratops. i’ve taken 3 straight critical hits from dinos with 5% critical rate. basically the saying once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, remains the truth.


Why don’t you raised the issue of players swapping that Indominus jerk in and out of battles and getting dodge all the time? At least the stunning moves still considered a skill since the opponent do get hit. But Cloak? It is a pure joke. Cloak and pray to God that it works? What skill is that…?

Because you probably have one and have been doing it… :rofl:

@CleverBoy I do feel you…


When it comes to bots anything is possible including having 2 of the same dinosaur


I actually tried it and got my butt handed to me! Cloak is also RNG!

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1, You could overlook the problems popped up simply because the game mechanic is not so much of a matter to individuals.
2, Not everyone acts that way.
3, I ain’t complain. Like I said it is more constructive to spread what I just found out and I list those incidents for merely reference purposes.

I’m scared to use my cloak in battle, I got two hitted by a stegoceratops like nothing. Zero faith in cloak to the point where I’d just rather use armor piercing impact lol and let her take the hit.


Cloak got me puked as much as I got those who used it on me, so I’d say it’s far less of a rng than what I just encountered. But cloak, bad game idea indeed.

I will add that the stun effect is REALLY screwy since update. I have twice now run up against stegoceratops that hit literally every stun (4x in once match on a 10% stun) and burned through all 3 of my dinos with only being able to get off 1 or 2 attacks the entire match. There’s definitely something screwy with it.


Actually, 16.5% chance this happens. Which means it DOES happen. It’s happened to me more than twice. Keep in mind even crits happen time to time and they are 5% chance, so something that has a 16.5% chance to happen WILL happen sooner or later.

I’ve had crazy lucky matches in which I’ve stunned my opponent every single time, even with a 10% chance, and very unlucky ones in which my opponent has stunned me and critted me non-stop. This luck element is part of the game’s charm and what happened to you is just how chances work. From my experience I can tell you the percentages are rather accurate in the long run, even if in a single match they can feel ridiculously unfair, and since it doesn’t make sense that Ludia decided to give me better chances than you, your chances are probably the same and you just had an unlucky series of matches. Good luck with the next one! (:


I’m not overlooking anything. And as Lyra pointed out, there are no faves being played, simply chance and luck. Everyone puts too much faith into something, and when it backfires, they come here and complain. Whether it’s cloak or stun or whatever, you can’t rely on it 100%. By relying on something like that, you set yourself up for failure. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s the truth. Just take a break, look at your team, and strategize.


Yes. Suck it up.

And remind yourself-it is only a game.

Then breath deeply before getting behind the wheel.

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