Stop this rng immediately NOW!

Yes, I know. What I meant is that this shouldn’t be the case and only people with skills and strategy should win matches

It does. Evasive moves, stuns and crits are all about luck and rng.

We may be a bit mixed up with who is replying to which message. I posted about Paramoloch not stunning 75% of the time and it got sorted under a new title. I’m ok with RNG I don’t want it taken out of the game. Also the title sounds like a teenage girl having a tantrum.

Haha, okey. It’s all cool.

There is entirely way too much chance involved. Apart from choosing your attacks, everything is determined by the A.I. That leaves winning and losing a mere coin flip. Out of 8 on your team, 4 are RANDOMLY selected, critical hits are RANDOM, stunning is again, RANDOM. Percentage based control does nothing as far as I’m concerned. 40% critical chance based creature may not get any hits at all whereas a 5% critical chance based creature gets 2 or 3 in any given battle! This is entirely not a skill based functionality. Having been on both sides of these RANDOM coin flips, it’s a detriment to the game. My strong suggestion would be to make a sliding meter with a moving bar to control stun and critical hit chances, giving the user control over these aspects. A meter with a moving bar that when lined up in a “green” zone will register a critical hit, if not a normal hit. The interaction will be tap based. (See Mortal Kombat X Mobile) The matchmaking still needs WORK. Level 8 players should not be playing a level 10 or 11 multiple times! There is no way to victory against a much higher level opponent! This is a lingering issue.
Lastly, I would recommend an offline A.I. battle that awards tokens or better creatures. This would be separate from map based strike events.

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Right…but it’s not meant to be. If the battles were completely dependent on skill, we’d basically be playing an AR version of Jurassic World: The Game (JW:TG). The RNG is meant to challenge players further–not only do we have to do the math in our heads, but we also have to factor in the possibility for stuns, dodges, etc.

While I understand your frustration, I’m not sure that giving the user “control” over stuns and critical hits is the best solution. If we truly face off against actual, living players in the Battle Arena, providing additional user control over stuns and crits would only serve to provoke a lot more players to anger over RNG and “fairness”–whatever that is. Furthermore, such changes could bring us back to the “raptor meta” where speed and speed alone is the dominating factor—further preventing lower level teams from rising in the ranks.


I’ve really had it with the battles. I just got completely wiped out by a paramoloch that did low stunning strike and stunned all 3 of my dinos EVERY. SINGLE. TURN. Didn’t get one attack in.


Lol… Level 6 Gallimimus used dodge like 4 times in a row with my Level 18 Irex(where my cloak worked only once) and wrecked it completely. I cannot complain. Its like, flip a coin and see what face it ends. Not even like: Spray and Pray works here.

Absolutely agree!!!
Become like a casino game!!!

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I just went from the middle of one arena to the middle of the next one due to losing probably over 20 battles in a row… They need to fix the pairing system.

Most casual players don’t play games so we can do math in our heads all the time, we just want to battle and the moves do what it says it’s going to do

Well, no. That would kinda defeat the purpose of playing. And it would be nice if long-pressing attack buttons consistently factored in armor, critical hits, etc. as they did before (unless I’m in remiss and that’s been fixed)…but I’ve also spent enough time battling to know roughly how much damage I’m going to deal out, regardless of what creature I have or which dinosaurs my opponent might use. So if I’m going to make a mistake, I’d rather make the error myself instead of being misled by a bugged in-game “calculator,” so to speak. :woman_shrugging: That’s just my take on it, though.

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I just dropped over 200 trophies on a consistent stream of crits, stuns and dodges. Anyone who claims this game isnt massively overdependent on rng must be playing a different game to me.

This is why i bought a copy of JW Evolution. Less RNG, and you build parks on each of the Cinco Muertes.

It’s also got Jeff freakin’ Goldblum in it, as Ian Malcolm!!

For $45, it’s definitely less of a RNG-fest than JWA.


If the rng was gone it would literally be whoever has the higher level or faster Dino wins. That isn’t good and has even less skill required, least with rng you have to factor in stuns or criticals working or not, or if a null is coming and so forth.

Leave in rng but give stuns diminishing returns, like cannot be stunned more than 2 or 3 times in a row, or cannot dodge more than 3 times in a row and so forth (naturally adjust the dinosaurs effected by these changes with hp or damage alterations).

I believe nobody here would ever mean to ditch RNG. But everyone has their own version of bitter history. RNG as a victory determinant in current update transcends everything else.

Wanna talk about RNG? Just lost a decider round due to Critical hit or else I would have won… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

ive lost matches where the other Dino had sub 10hp left and killed me for the win -_-!

Last couple days I have had maybe 5 matches where I have been invincible, like luckiest *-hole there is which is so unusual for me. I’m feeling so dirty dirty dirty little boy. So sorry for everyone who battled against me. If there were possibility to send messages to players I would’ve said sorry directly to you guys.
These undeserved wins aren’t fun at all.


I will be fair to say that yesterday I got some RNG love during some battles. Although there was a battle that I will surely win (2-0), RNG decided to make it ‘quick’ for me, by blessing a critical stun attack and then a critical rampage… against a Stegodeus. :man_shrugging: