Stop this rng immediately NOW!

I think we should depend less on luck to win in this game


It’s the longest, because the monitors have infuse other other forum members topics into this one like they have with mine…Funny thing is I had my topic on this same subject long before this one was started, but they still made mine part of this…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Played 30 games today. Had stunners in every one. Landed a single 75% stun.

Dodged twice between Indom and Indo.

I know it’s RNG but at some point the math starts to point in a very different direction then what actual text of abilities say.

I know this happens to other people too so it makes me wonder if there’s something underneath there.

I’d be happy if dodge were changed to “one hit lands, other misses guaranteed.” That would be a true 50% every time.

As far as the 75% stun I’m just speechless every time on that one. I’m no mathematician but even I can see a problem with those numbers there.

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Oh and it’s imporantt to note I’ve had a small handful of games where it’s the reverse. Where my Indom or Indo dodged nine times. Just literally 100% of the time.

This doesn’t make me go “yeah i rock!!!” It makes me feel awful for my opponent and makes me question the actual RNG. Because it doesn’t feel like RNG.

RNG is random. This is extremity to its core. Either all dodged or no dodges. Just make the game that way if it’s the way Ludia wants to see the battles go

Edit: Got merged into this one giant thread. Guess they don’t want multiple topics on this problem. Here stuff gets less seen. That’s concerning as a consumer and real money spender on this game.

Man… 90% of my battles are decided on cloaks/evasive stances… This has to stop…

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So I have a little rant. Rng in this game sucks imo. Rant over.

But for real I get rng and percentage are not wholly accurate (50% doesn’t mean works every other just higher chance) but some of it is getting ridiculous.
If a minomimus can dodge every hit 8 times in a row something’s going on.
Another example is I love indo rex and raptor and I get evasive isn’t 50% dodge ie miss every other but how can a Dino hit every time with crit at 5% at a 90% rate? I feel like some of the rng is a bit off. Also match making is bizarre at lvl 15 in arena 4000+ I’m facing lvl 28 stegodeus and 25+ super hybrids and not sure I’m teally that high.

Solution to rng if possible is making things cumalative if possible? You miss against 50% first time your chance goes up to 75% or something during your match and resets after so it’s not feeling like a hacker when you can’t land a hit and they plow through you like you’re lvl 1 again?

Ludia doesn’t care, nothing will change.

Stegonoobotops,paranooboloch why those 2 have 2 moves with 75% chance to stun? Just why? It feels like a 100% stun garanted…
Stego is broken good HP,good atack,good armor
Nerf that thing for once Ludia

People will argue that rng doesnt win games. People will claim that skill is more important. These people are demonstrably wrong.


As long as the tears in this thread keep flowing and entertaining me I cannot support a change to RNG. It is too much to give up.



your life must be sad :smiley:

Nope it’s glorious the thread just makes it better.

it surely is, most people with glorious lifes get their entertainment from internet forums :wink:


Makes me want to not play the game at all it create more stress then it should.

Ok. Then don’t play it. Bye!


No more, no more rng, posts.

I fully support this topic :laughing:

The last 17 fights that I’ve used either my trag or monosteg stun attack against a non-immune creature I’ve failed to stun (that is over 20 stun moves used) yet it is rare any opponent’s stun attacks fail.

Push. What’s the point in leveling dinos as long as evade, cloak and crits decide who wins??