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Stop trying to money gouge your fanbase!

Ok so Ludia you REALLY need to lower your prices! These are supposed to be “Micro” transactions, you do realise that Micro means “really small” right?

Ludia you are actually LOSING money this way, and let me explain why using me as an example!

Now at lower levels I used to buy most of the one-time level up offers as they were pretty cheap (for a Ludia game anyways) and therefore Ludia made money, however as I got higher level the offers got more and more totally unreasonable in terms of price, and have since stopped buying them.

Now check this:

My level 14, 15 and today 16 level up offers have been $79.95 in price! I could go out and buy a brand new copy of FIFA 19 for the price of those offers! Needless to say I said NO to every single one!

Now lets do some maths!

Level 14 level up offer
Ludia tries to make $79.95
Ludia gets ZERO

Level 15 level up offer
Ludia tries to make $79.95
Ludia gets ZERO

Level 16 level up offer (today)
Ludia tries to make $79.95
Ludia gets ZERO

Now that comes to grand total of ZERO dollars and ZERO cents profit!

Now lets say that those offers had been $29.95, I would have bought ALL THREE of them!
Ludia you would have made (lets round it up): $90
But because you tried to gouge me you ended up getting not a single razoo!

And thats just ME, a single player as an example! Just imagine how many others have done the same as me and NOT purchased!
Sure the whales will still buy, but the thousands of non-whales purchasing “smaller” level up offers would end up making you more money then the few whales you try to cater to!

Something needs to change!


Can’t argue with math





It seems that companies have a serious problem with trying to put all their eggs in one basket. They’d rather take £50 from 10 people than take £10 from 50 people.


Yep. Had to skip the last $50 one time offer I simply didn’t even have it on the card I use for this. $50 is aloooot of money to some of us and the fact that someone in my position would even spend $20 is crazy, but I like the game that much. But these prices are extremely prohibitive. I could spend alot more if I could spend alot less at a time.


The high prices are actually the main reason I’m now battling so often. The arena is the more cost effective method of acquiring DNA for me. The last incubator I was interested in purchasing worked out to be the equivalent of £30. I’m not paying that for what is effectively 80% garbage.


The Zynga model - Google it, it’s a good lesson in economics and marketing psychology.


As much as I could REALLY have used to 7000 DinoBux and 256k coins (got four dinosaurs on my team that need levelling) I just cant and WONT do it!

Money is tight as a single parent! And kids aint cheap!


Its pretty suiting that on another post you got multiple people in the top 20 talking about how they dont buy incubators either because there mostly garbage… and their not exactly worth the money they cost.

The zynga model works because their transactions are small… not so much here…Im also another one who bought every one time offer until they hit 50 bucks… This game continues to plumet in google plays top grossing games… currently 229… Our World… is actually above it atm…

There business model is not customer friendly and its costing them money.


I would love to see statistics showing how many ppl bought the expensive level-up offers and who refused it, then add up all that money they lost and see how much it is!

You are right, they are losing themselves a TON of cash!

Same thing happened to the theme park “Wonderland” which was only a 10min drive from my place, it used to be packed, they started making the entry fee more and more expensive and the food/drinks crazy high priced, well people started to not go anymore (my family used to go at least 10 times a year in the early days)! So you know what they did to try and earn money? Upped the price even MORE hahaha!

In the end the park closed and they were forced to sell off the land to developers, and now I think its an Ikea factory or something…such a shame! Had they just kept the prices reasonable people would have kept going, and I would have taken my own son TONS of times already!

If Ludia isn’t careful they will have the same thing happen to JWA


I have to agree they’ve certainly made some changes to the Zynga model that seem out of whack. I was shocked to see how much they wanted for lootboxes here.

I honestly thought - surely NOONE will pay $50 for some random 1s and 0s that will never ever be worth anything. That’s like a whole game, or a weeks’ food, a nice night out, a flight from UK to Europe, yada yada. I was horribly wrong it seems.

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Honestly I play the game mentioned above…started it same time… i think ive spent 10 bucks in that game as i only play cause im in a very active clan and get decent rewards so i feel obligated to log on and help out… the other day i realized i had enough ingame cash built up and figured id buy one of their cheapeast boxes… which you can buy 2 for 5 bucks… unlocked a legendary… saw i could get another… got another legendary… i cant even buy a 5 dollar incubator here let alone one that would give me such good results. I only wish i liked the game more.


This thread right here actually confirms a lot, especially why I dropped VIP, and hardly play JWA anymore. I can play JW Evolution on my laptop for free, and without being badgered by ads into buying anything past the core game.

I have even considered just uninstalling JWA and never reinstalling it. Ludia definitely is letting this game die, or is trying to force a Pay2Win model on us - but is really bad at hiding this, because the exorbitant pricing gives their intent away.

They intentionally make it difficult to obtain any of the DNA you need by either “migrations” or making certain worthless dinos like Iguanodon spawn in swarms day or night, regardless of local zones.

They force these so-called “tournaments” on all of us seemingly every couple of weeks, whether we want them or not, with no way to opt out if we don’t want to compete.

Every complaint/bug report has been met with the stock auto-reply email, because writing out any sort of email in response to a player’s issue is so far beneath them, it’s not funny. God forbid they have to (gasp!) interact with one of us or something…

It’s a sad way to run a game company, and a horrible business model that only focuses on the company’s profits, rather than the players’ enjoyment of the game.


There are tons of successful game companies out there who have F2P as well as P2Win games and still make more than enough to pay the workers and keep the lights on. They don’t concentrate on the profits, so much as they concentrate on making games that players will keep playing.

Ludia goes in totally the opposite direction. This game was buggier than a bait store when I started playing in July, and 2 major updates later, it’s still buggier than a bait store.

I think that the main problem here was since this game was a tie-in with the release of Fallen Kingdom, they rushed it out before the bugs could be fixed. But with a game like this, that’s licensed from a major film studio and the Jurassic World franchise’s reputation being the first to take a major hit if the game ends up a failure, they should have addressed ALL the major issues before releasing it. They didn’t, and still haven’t. They just keep throwing distractions at us, like a new tournament, or new shiny incubs, or practically useless pterosaurs.

They’re hoping we look the other way and just shut up with all the complaints.

I know, I get wordy at times, so to cut this short without accidentally writing a 10-page manifesto here, Ludia is really in serious danger of shooting themselves in the foot with JWA. They also run the risk of getting their license pulled by Universal Studios, since a game that ends up a failure is a ding to their reputation. If that happens, the game is officially sunk.


I’m exactly the same I don’t buy the incubators I bought one and was very disappointed in what I got from it but I’ve bought pretty much all the one time offers up until now had to stop because they are getting way to steep for me to buy them

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If only they would try a short period of time where they actually did lower prices as an experiment to see that they would in fact profit from making purchases available to a wider range of players. They could advertise it as a “special event” of some kind (cough cough…halloween) so people wont complain if and when they bring the prices back to normal


I think that by now, players already have caught on to Ludia’s incubs. It really doesn’t matter how much you pay, 80% of what you get is worthless.

Like the old song said, “Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’.”

Nothing is what you end up with. Ludia isn’t going to alter what seems like a winning business strategy to them. Think about it this way - how much money do you think you could make by labelling certain mystery boxes as “Epic”, “Legendary”, or with some dramatic name like “Raptor Strike” - each with a picture of a dino on it. Now YOU know that the person who buys the mystery box from you will have at best a 20% chance of getting the dino promised in the details for the box, and the rest of the box is crap DNA that no one wants. You charge the player an increasing amount per player level, and they keep buying. Why? Because you know they will keep buying from you, no matter the cost, until they get the dino they seek.

Congrats… you just created an addict. The first hit’s always free. Or at least as close to free as possible.

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Only got one of the £30-ish ones and none of the £50-ish ones - just can’t justify it. Would probably have got a couple more of the £30-ish ones if I was needing the coin and had the money in my account at the time. At £10-ish I would have bought them all.

Problem is what do they do now even if they think the pricing needs dropping - if they drop the price everyone who has already passed on the offer (or even worse paid it) are going to be screaming this place down that its so unfair that the newbies have been given an advantage …

Definition of between a rock and a hard place …

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I caved and spent £50 and it was absolute garbage anyway :sweat_smile:


Shame on you