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Stop whining about Arena

Arena isn’t bad. It’s just different. It depends on team composition and having the right dragons as well as getting decent puzzles.

Can you get blow up by getting bad puzzles? Sure.

I have given up complaining and just ignore it all. I only do Arena for the duty chest, so I game it to where I can maintain my win streaks.

How? Easy. Just set your defense team to 1* dragons. Or better yet, just 1 dragon. This keeps me on the bottom of the ladder, which is fine because I just don’t care. I complete my duty, get my chest keys, and move on. If you don’t care about ranking or are sick of dealing with it, this removes you from the system while still getting your duty chest done efficiently.

Is it ethical? maybe not. Will I get flamed by pixel heroes? Yup. In the end, I get my chest keys done and nobody gets hurt (other than my arena ranking. oh, the shame).
As long as I can get the duty complete, I’m fine with it.


What‘s bothering me - last season is was exactly this issue, this season it will be this way again - is that I‘m stuck with 6500BP+ people in a trophy range of 1500 while people at 3000 trophies get around 4500 BP bots.
I can‘t find a way through these very good defensive teams put up by other players if I‘m getting attacked here and there and it seems like there‘s a bunch of people simply stuck due to this. Just like a field when you‘re in a race, you can‘t pass anyone because you‘re stuck between a bunch of other people.

I‘m not complaining about mechanisms or specific dragons, but about this being-stuck issue as well as all the bugs (mainly connection issues not caused by me, but by Ludia servers) that make me lose my win streak although I got a decent board and was doing good so far.


Well set a weak defense team surely can’t keep me on the bottom of ladder, as I have found out in last few seasons. It would just slightly change win rate of attacks and defenses, and attract slightly more attacks. I would surely complain about that. I always get matched against players with a few hundreds, sometimes thousands, more bp than me, no matter what I do with my defense team.

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Weak defense team doesn’t make as significant difference as expected. Season one, it’s all bots, few defenses. Season two, overpowered defense team, few attackers. Season three, I get matched against much stronger opponents, my strong defense team is still quite weak against those players because my dragons are just weaker. Changing to my weak defense team doesn’t seem to help me lose trophies or get matched against weaker opponents. I have been struggling to find relatively weaker defense team and beat them.

If arena doesn’t bother you, then you dont need to complain. But most players want to get higher in ladder. And that is impossible. That’s why we complain. Because its not worth playing IT if you cant make progress…

For only medals you need to win also. And if the defense teams are always stronger its also frustrating!

Stop whining about arena, I don’t play it as intended because I want to do my duty chest. But that said it’s not bad, don’t ask me what I would actually consider bad. Demanding balance would be such a pixel hero thing to do…

Demanding balance would be what a whiner would do. A pixel hero would boast that arena is fine and people who struggle with it just need to get better.
Balance isn’t the issue. Strategy and having the proper dragons is essential to Arena success.
I am trying to suggest to other frustrated players that there is another way to get some meager reward from arena without actually having to deal with the intended set up.

I would consider the breedery bad right now, with such tragically low percentages for dragons people actually need.


I agree with the sentiment to stop whining about arena. I still maintain that the majority of players don’t know how to create a cohesive team, use the team strategically throughout the individual game and match tiles to the fullest extent.

I think with most things in life, people are reactive rather than proactive. Step back, take a beat, think logically and be slow and methodical.

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I don’t really have a problem with arena anymore now that it is more balanced.

YES to this thread

This thread is frustrating in and of itself. Sure, some people complain more than they should, of course, but now it seems the others who think everything is fine with the world want to shut up everyone who is facing the issues of this game and feeling discouraged. Well, face it, not everything is fine around here, there are problems and there will be complaints. Everyone has a right to talk and you shouldn’t be trying to mute others just because you’re wearing your pink-hued glasses of sunshine.

The truth is that the game has got so many bugs and inconsistencies that a part of the people who loved it have quit, permanently or just are still there but not investing that much anymore.

The Arena mechanism? It downright sucks. So, I do medal farming, having set useless defense teams and the like. I do gather some coins and can buy a few stuff I consider necessary. But this… gives no real enjoyment because you can never truly progress, and just furthers the discouragement the bugs have already caused.

Speaking of bugs… They’re so many that I find myself dreadfully bored and even lacking the courage to report them. The support team occasionally gives crappy responses that don’t really help, giving me a “why do I even bother, when I do bother” vibe.

Game is dying, clans are doubting their purpose, recruitments are tougher.

And then there are these smart-ass people all around telling everyone who inconveniences them by giving negative reviews to ludia, well earned by said company, to stop talking and that they’re “negative” and “whiners” and the like. Well, this is nothing sort of fascism, and due to this kind of posts, some of us are either avoiding talking and sulk with their frustrations, being even more discouraged to care about the game and its community, or quit quit.

I spend a lot less time on the forums these days as it’s just all about bugs, or nowadays even people of the aforementioned attitude too. There’s not much to do, no guarantee ludia will actually listen, and the other gamers will be as rude and self-assured as they can. It’s just not that much appealing anymore.

Main reason I still bother sometimes is I am a chief and shouldn’t abandon my people no matter how discouraged with the game I feel at the moment.


Thank you, Featherwing. You’re not alone and thank you for speaking up.

I’m not on here much any more, either, for many of the same reasons. Too many aspects of the game are outright broken and my experience with in game reporting was met with a, “here, take this and don’t bother us about it again,” attitude from Ludia. Which is why they no longer get any money from me anymore, as I’m opposed to rewarding poor behavior.

I commend you on sticking it out for your clan. I’m not a clan leader, but I do think that if it weren’t for the clan I’m in, I’d have written off this game as a now bad bet and gone on to something else, which saddens me as I love HTTYD, but seeing this as the money grab it is, just kind of rubs the shiny off the franchise.

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