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Stop with einosaurus!


I’m sick and tired of seeing einosaurus use up 50-75% of all my scents. I want to get a velociraptor when I use mine at night, not be bombarded by 10 einosaurs. It’s not even good!

Scents - same Dino’s EVERY time

Fellow sufferer in L2?

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Better than Majungasaurus.


I feel your pain. I only dart it when I’m at home and it comes in by the thousands.


I feel your pain

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Haha yeah i’m sick of it too! Got about 45k myself so far. Only reason I dart it when at home is to help daily and alliance missions, but it’s like that’s all that spawns most of the time and fills up scents.

Lets stop forcing specific dinos on specific zones and just let any dino spawn anywhere.


You know einiasuchus overleveled is good enough?compared to mujundasuchus…


You can’t say something’s good enough overleveled without knowing where people are in the arena.


If i say overlevel,Of course it mean overleveled compared to the creatures you meet in your arena pool
so wherever you are,a lvl 26 einiasuchus can beat down even a lvl 21 thor


A lvl 26 Einiasuchus can only beat a lvl 21 Thor if Thor’s priority stun fails. Otherwise it’s dinner time for Thor.

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then up it to lvl30!


I’ll trade you for Diplo in L3 and Majung in L1.

At least it has a use.


Rotate zone’s weekly in a predictable manner. Irratic migration hasn’t worked.


I would be glad. All I ever get from my scents is that annoying t rex


Ouch sorry pal


I have the opposite problem. I’ve only seen one wild einiosaurus


C’mon now, that’s an exaggeration. A level 26 Einio does 4900 damage total in the first 2 turns. Thor can only kill it 40% of the time (if the impact crits).


I have 162,649 Majungasaurus’s.

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I’m always glad when someone in my alliance requests any of these super common spawns. I’ve got 40k Irritator G2 DNA to spare to boot, for that matter, lol.